On Prime Video there are 5 TV series to see absolutely.

Do you like TV series? Do you want to watch all the episodes and seasons of the best TV series of the moment on Prime Video? If you are looking for one new tv series to see on Amazon Prime Videoyou are in the right place.

Read the Agendaonline guide to streaming TV series on Prime and choose the one that’s right for you.

Today we have 5 choices for you between historical drama, horror, comedy, adventure and finally one dedicated to a great football team.

How to survive single

Sebastian is about to pronounce the fateful yes after ten years of engagement, but at the most beautiful he discovers the betrayal of his betrothed. Suddenly he finds himself catapulted into the life he had abandoned for 10 years, the one as a single and he will have to understand How to survive single.

Friends will certainly not help him, considering their pathological inability to form lasting relationships.

The TV series consists of two seasons, the first of 10 episodes and the second of 8 episodes.

The hunter

A bit fiction and a bit documentary, the series The hunterwith Francesco Montanari(the Lebanese of Criminal novel) in the guise of a young prosecutor, intending to hunt down the Sicilian mafia after the massacres in which they lost their lives Falcon And Purse.

The deeds of Saverio Barone, the name of the PM, were inspired by the anti-mafia magistrate Alfonso Sabella.

In the second season, Barone will try to marginalize the action of the boss Brusca and at the same time block the escalation of power of the emerging bosses Aglieri and Provenzano.

In the third season, however, the magistrate will have to defend himself from the will of a boss linked to the Corleonesi, intent on killing him, while in the meantime the other criminals move their business, making agreements with politics and institutions.

Lore – Anthology of horror

A TV series, with episodes that can also be seen individually, as each has a separate plot. Lore – Anthology of Horror it is in fact an anthological series, narrated by Aaron Mahnke.

Aaron Mahnke told the story of Lore and from his stories the TV series was born, produced by the same ones who proposed X-File And The Walking Dead.

The first of the two seasons of Lore is composed of six episodes, thanks to which the real life stories are analyzed that are a prelude to the ancestral fears of man.

It is a sui generis series, for lovers of the genre that offers in the various episodes, different scenic combinations, from animation frames, to real interviews, to documentary clips.

In each episode space is given to the classic horror stories with the presence of the most famous monsters, from werewolves, to vampires, to zombies.

The Wilds

A group of girls find themselves living on an island following a plane crash and related shipwreck.

They will be forced to be The Wildsand despite the struggle for survival they have in common, their relations are not always peaceful.

In the first season of The Wilds the relationships that are created between the girls are told, often stormy, sometimes of friendship and solidarity, until they discover that the shipwreck was not determined only by bad luck and that they are on the island not by chance. .

In the second season, having discovered the will of those who want them on the island, the girls will have to contend with the male occupants of another island, also involved in this social experiment.

All or Nothing: Juventus

8 episodes to retrace the recent history of Juventus in the 2020/2021 season, one of the most complicated by the bianconeri, who will have to say goodbye to the flag Gianluigi Buffonbut who must also necessarily win something important, guided by the champion Cristiano Ronaldoon his third adventure with the Lady.

A season that sees Andrea Pirlo as a coach.

All or Nothing: Juventus is one of the chapters that Prime Video dedicates in the form of a TV series to the champions and the most famous teams in sport.

The salient facts of the sporting season are told, some background and although the epilogue is already known, for the fans it is a TV series not to be missed.

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On Prime Video there are 5 TV series to see absolutely.