Other than “mama Rai”. Gender runs fast on state TV

Can the state TV, holder of the very high and fundamental task of public service, be partisan, biased and even ideological? No he can not. Or rather, it couldn’t. The conditional is in fact a must for Rai, which has put in place a real LGBT agenda. All with the money of millions of Italian citizens, who finance it through the fee, which is also mandatory because it is still included in the bill.

2022 in particular was the annus horribilis: “mamma Rai” in fact literally hammered the spectators and – alas – the little ones with rainbow, gender and ideologically oriented content in favor of the LGBT world. Contents sometimes even bordering on decency or that have gone beyond good taste and common sense, with the risk of very serious repercussions on the education of the youngest.

But let’s go in order. Because, unfortunately, we are able – and we never wanted to do it – to make a real chronological agenda of the rainbow ideology, broadcast on the Rai networks. Already at the beginning of 2022, in fact, the “Luna Rossa” episode of the TV series “9-1-1”, on Rai2 and in full protected range, broadcast sexually explicit and rough images, showing two lesbians who “entertained ” in their bed and the member of a gay couple having a sort of tapeworm pulled out of his backside. All seasoned with blood, horror scenes, vampires, zombies. Only thanks to the indignation raised by Pro Vita & Famiglia and a complaint by Carlo Giovanardi and Luisa Santolini, respectively former government manager of family policies and former President of the Forum delle Famiglie, was it possible to arrive at an apology from the director general of Rai and a fine imposed on Rai2 by the Media and Minors Committee.

Last March, however, the program “D-SIDE, The different side of things”, on RaiPlay, broadcast an episode focused on gender identity with Francesca Vecchioni, a leading exponent of the Lgbt community, and Leonardo Santuari, a young ” transgender influencer” who recounted her sexual transition from girl to boy on social media. Not even a month and here is the program – this time on the flagship network, Rai1 – entitled “Via delle Storie”, which also dedicated an episode to gender identity. This time the transition of an adolescent was placed in the foreground, with the participation of Maddalena Mosconi, a psychologist who supports the need to accompany minors who request it through the transition.

Not even Rai3 lacks the appeal of ideology. In fact, in August, gender identity was once again at the center of the “Sex” programme, broadcasting experiences of young transgender boys and girls commented on by Vladimir Luxuria.

A string of cases of rainbow propaganda that does not spare even the successful world of Rai fiction. In fact, here we arrive in October 2022, with an episode of “Mina Settembre” which staged the story of a male student who “feels” female. Finally, a few weeks ago, Rai3 again with two episodes of “Fame d’Amore”. This time the stories of some young men with gender dysphoria who have taken, or want to take, testosterone-based hormone therapy or surgery to look like men. With all that goes with it: change in tone of voice, increase in muscle mass, growth of male hair, breast removal, and so on.

All finished? No way. Unfortunately, in fact, these are only the most striking cases, for a list that does not take into account the constant references – overt or subliminal – to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, transition and sexuality.

Programmes, dramas, services, TV series, talk shows, insights that all have one thing in common: they send serious and dangerous messages, which risk inducing thousands of fragile and confused young people to want to take hormonal drugs or resort to crippling and irreversible to be “Set Yourself Free” from their psychological discomforts. That’s right because, just to return to our examples, the December 19th episode of “Hunger for Love” explicitly used the eloquent words “the key that liberates you socially” to refer to the lifetime intake of testosterone by a girl who wants to appear in male likeness.

We believe that all this is enough. We believe it is enough to be indignant and worried – as are thousands of Italians, already 14 thousand, who have signed a Pro Vita & Famiglia petition in a few hours. We believe it is enough to ask the government to act, so that Rai stops using its programming and the Italian canon to convey partisan political ideologies that are particularly harmful to the younger audience.

Imposing gender ideology on minors, without accurate communications and information and without any type of contradictory or without making the “other bell” heard, is a real dictatorship on the part of a minority. In fact, young people – until proven otherwise and on this Rai and the LGBT lobby must come to terms with it – must be educated, by law, by us parents. Not from a biased, ideological television and a slave to rainbow logic.

Other than “mama Rai”. Gender runs fast on state TV