Paul Wesley and Julie Plec reunite for the new Confessions series

After 8 seasons on The Vampire Diaries, actor Paul Wesley and producer / showrunner Julie Plec will return to work together in Confessionsnew Netflix TV series

“Some loves do not end, they make huge rounds and then come back”. This is one of the iconic phrases that we find within the song Never friends from Antonello Venditti, which explains how some stories, despite taking different paths, then end up starting again together. We can thus summarize what is happening to the actor Paul Wesley and to the producer Julie Plec. The comparison, however, is not from a sentimental point of view, but from a business point of view because the couple is ready to return to collaborate in a new Netflix project.

From the Vampire Diaries to ConfessionsPaul Wesley and Julie Plec return to work together


The best vampire tv series

The actor born in ’83 from New Brunswick is best known for playing the role of Stefan Salvatore in the tv series the Vampire Diarieswhere is it Julie Plec featured as executive producer and showrunner. A partnership that lasted 8 years from 2019 to 2017, during which Paul Wesley also distinguished himself in the role of director in 5 episodes of the teen-drama. Five years after the end of the Vampire Diariestherefore, the paths of Paul Wesley and Julie Plec cross again with the new Netflix project called Confessions. This new TV series is focused on the book The Confessions of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher from Jason Smith. He has worked as a teacher at a high school in North Carolina for two years and, to date, nothing special except that he was doing his work under the influence of narcotics. Jason Smith, however, did nothing illegal because the doctors had prescribed this use for curative purposes, which led him to enter into symbiosis with other students from complicated situations. Paul Wesley, who in Confessions (working title) will be not only an actor but also an executive producer, he proposed to Julie Plec to return to work together, with the latter who did not hesitate a second accepting with enthusiasm. Among the authors, however, the presence of Bradley Paulwhich we met him in Better Call Saul.

Work in progress for Paul Wesley

Confessions it will be just the latest of many works that will soon see Paul Wesley among the protagonists. From next May 5th, in fact, he will land on Paramount +, a streaming service that will broadcast the TV series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, of which a second season has already been announced even before the broadcast of the debut one. In the circumstance, Paul Wesley will lend the face to James T. Kirkreturning to work on the small screen later Tell me a story, a psychological-thriller TV series that aired from 2018 to 2020 for a total of two seasons. Among other career projects, Paul Wesley has made appearances on hit TV series such as Smallville, The OC, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Batwoman, Law & Order: Criminal Intent And The Originals. On the big screen, however, Paul Wesley has been missing for 6 years when he participated in the film The Late Bloomer from Kevin Pollak of 2016.

Paul Wesley and Julie Plec reunite for the new Confessions series