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Broadcast since 1997 on Canale 5 and based on the comic series of the same name, created by William Gaines, Tales from the Crypt boasts, in its very rich production, episodes imprinted in the memory of the fans, absolutely not to be missed.

The series saw its debut in Italy straight to VHS – while in the States it was broadcast from 1989 to 1996 on HBO – before landing on the Mediaset schedule. At the base of the incredible success we find a comic series of EC Comicsreal must of the fifties.

An image of Uncle Tibia

Seven seasons, a total of 93 episodes, which have definitely established an imaginary to which products of the genre often look. Many, of course, are the moments become cultstarting with the introduction to each episode, conducted by the memorable guardian of the crypt, called Uncle Tibia.

A different theme characterizes the various episodes, in addition to the cast and the story, so as to capture the attention of an increasingly vast and heterogeneous audience. At the base remains, clearly, the style and the mood.

In fact, we cannot expect anything less macabre and eccentric than what we see. But let’s find out what they are best episodes of Tales from the Crypt and especially if they are part of the eighties home video releases.

Yellow (season 3, episode 14)

The first of the best episodes de Tales from the Crypt it is the last of the third season. Entitled Yellow (exactly like the color, “yellow”), sees the participation of a big name of the caliber of KirkDouglassupported by his son Eric. The two play a father and his son also in the fiction of the series.

best episodes stories from the crypt

A scene from Yellow

In this episode, Lieutenant Kalthrob (Eric Douglas) and his father, General Kalthrob (Kirk Douglas), are two active soldiers, who fight during the Second World War. The Lieutenant asks his father to be discharged from the army, but the parent refuses.

Despite this, the Lieutenant decides to leave his platoon anyway, appearing cowardly and worthy of punishment to the General and the rest of his fellow soldiers. But what is the punishment?

Simple: death by firing squad, ordered by the father himself. There combination of realism and horror makes this episode de Tales from the Crypt one of the best ever.

Forever Ambergris (season 5, episode 3)

Here we find two professionals in their field, photography, engaged in a confrontation with no holds barred, which will lead to decidedly shocking results.

best episodes stories from the crypt

A scene from Forever Ambergris

War photographer Dalton Scott (Roger Daltrey) lives constantly and painfully in the shadow of the great and talented Isaac Forte (Steve Buscemi). Unable to take the situation any longer, she decides to devise a plan to take control of his life and show who he is.

Except that, in an attempt to overcome Forte, he also involves the latter’s wife. Gore and splatter become a trademark in this episode with a unique and gripping storyline.

Abra Cadaver/A brother friend (season 3, episode 4)

Martin (Beau Bridges) works as a research assistant who is being played a trick on. A joke that will have indelible consequences. The man’s dreams are dealt a severe blow when his brother Carl (Tony Goldwyn), a renowned surgeon, decides to make fun of him and have fun at his expense.

Martin’s revenge will not be long in coming, let alone forgotten. In fact, the man gives his brother an experimental drug, capable of keeping the brain alive but the body dead. Flows of blood color the episode, also characterized by twists and a healthy dose of dark humour.

What’s Cookin? (Season 4, Episode 6)

Protagonist of this episode de Tales from the Crypt is Christopher Reeve, known for playing Superman in the late seventies. Fred (Christopher Reeve) and Erma (Bess Armstrong) try to run a restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy, until one of their waiters, Gaston (Judd Nelson) offers an idea for a new recipe with meat.

Imagine what the secret ingredient will be? Human flesh, of course! The first victim of this “criminal enterprise” is the owner of the restaurant, their employer, Chumley (Meat Loaf). The gore scenes and special effects are the masters, but the contribution of the cast is also indisputable.

best episodes stories from the crypt

A scene from Die Good

Split Second (Season 3, Episode 11)

At the heart of this episode a love story with particular implications. Liz Kelly (Michelle Johnson) is a waitress at a local bar, who falls in love at first sight with a woodcutter, Steve (Brion James). Shortly after the beginning of the relationship, the two get married.

But when Liz meets a younger colleague of Steve, named Ted (Billy Wirth), can’t resist the temptation and cheats on her man. But who will pay for the infidelity, will it be Ted or the adulteress herself? The plot of split secondsin Italy titled At the last secondwill drive you crazy, but not without leaving you with satisfaction.

Death of Some Salesmen (season 5, episode 1)

A dealer named Judd (Ed Begley Jr.) is a con artist in selling cemetery space to unsuspecting people, who will end up with nothing in hand when they need it. But the day comes, when man knocks on the wrong door, and everything he has sown over the years, he will reap in the form of torture.

The family headed by Pa (Tim Curry), but and Winona Brackett don’t take very well to Judd’s attempt to con them. Season five thus opens in the best way, offering grotesque and disturbing scenes, which are imprinted on the public’s mind.

The Ventriloquist’s Dummy (Season 2, Episode 10)

Billy Goldman (Bob Goldthwait) dreams of becoming a ventriloquist and having the chance to meet his hero, Mr. Ingles (Don Rickles). Subsequently, however, he will be shocked to discover that the latter’s greatest success is none other than the twin Morty, withered and attached to Mr. Ingles’ arm.

best episodes stories from the crypt

A scene from The Ventriloquist’s Dummy

A somewhat bizarre episode, which reserves more than one surprise for its viewers. Without a doubt, among the best titles de Tales from the Crypt.

Dead Right (Season 2, Episode 1)

Cathy (Demi Moore) dreams of elevating his social status by marrying the classic goose that lays golden eggs. Being a simple secretary, she would need someone rather prominent and rich. She therefore decides to turn to a clairvoyant, a certain Madame Vorma (Natalia Nogulich), which predicts her meeting and marriage with the right man.

The latter, in fact, in addition to making her inherit a lot of money, will soon die, so Cathy will be able to enjoy her new wealth. She convinced she hit the jackpot, she immediately after meeting Charlie (Jeffrey Tambor), realizes that the medium was right, but not exactly as she hoped. Pleasant final twist with a nice dose of gore.

And All Through the House (Season 1, Episode 2)

Mary Ellen Trainor And Marshall Bell are the protagonists of the episode in question. She kills him, hitting him on the head with an ax. We are on Christmas Eve and, immediately after the murder, the woman calls her lover informing him of what happened.

best episodes stories from the crypt

A scene from E went through the whole house

While he is trying to make the body disappear, he comes across an escaped patient from a psychiatric hospital, dressed as a Santa Claus and determined to kill her. There is not a breather during this episode, full of action and adrenaline.

Television Terror/A More Than Adequate Punishment (Season 2, Episode 12)

And finally we come to the conclusion of this fun roundup of the best episodes of Tales from the Crypt, with a scary, ironic and suspenseful episode. TV tabloid reporter, Horton Rivers (Morton Downey Jr.), decides to investigate themass murder perpetrated by Ada Ritter (Jeannie Epper), in the house where it occurred.

While recording, Horton and his team go through a series of paranormal experiences, and it’s clear they’re dealing with entities and realities greater than themselves. One of the most successful episodes from the point of view of creepy atmosphere and horror genre.

Pedro Pascal | 10 curiosities about the protagonist of the series The Last of Us