“Pitiful”, “Null”: This joke by Pierre Niney which does not pass at all

Bad buzz for Pierre Niney. Indeed, Tuesday August 16, the 33-year-old actor tried a touch of humor on social networks, which did not find its audience, far from it. On his Twitter account, the latter posted an excerpt from a BFMTV report, in which we discover the testimony of a young man, who evokes the precariousness of students and underlines how complicated the end of the month is for him. Clumsily Pierre Niney simply captioned this video: “When I tell you he’s the best character actor“. Without further explanation.

Indeed, the interpreter of Yves Saint-Laurent subtly referred to Leonardo DiCaprio by pointing to the physical resemblance between the latter in the film Don’t look up !(Netflix) and the student, but the allusion was not understood by a large number of Twittos who believed that Pierre Niney was making fun of the BFMTV witness.

It’s pitiful to participate in the general discrediting of an elected student (whose job it is to make the student suffering heard, which is also his). I’m disappointed in you.” “not funny + precarious students are starving, suppressed.”, “Humor is a weapon. You have to know how to aim. And clearly it’s missed”. “No joke, does not prevent”. “Making humor about the precariousness of students… Very disappointing on your part”. “Pretty revolted by your tweet. So try to live with 400€ of grants these days as a student? Totally out of touch with reality this actor“. Can we read on Twitter, while Internet users who understood the actor’s valve tried to defend him: “Mais you all become stupid or what ??? Pierre Niney does not make fun of student precariousness at all! Just look who the student looks like, he looks like Di Caprio! It’s serious to make polemics with nothing, you’re bored at this point ?”.

Faced with this outpouring of criticism, the actor explained himself and apologized a few hours later: “Like a moron I had not even looked at the subject of the report. But just saw the thumbnail with this man’s face and tweeted way too fast. No desire to be indecent or hurtful. I was only pointing out a resemblance to DiCaprio”


“Pitiful”, “Null”: This joke by Pierre Niney which does not pass at all