Portrait of the writer Bram Stoker, this master of horror behind the cult novel Dracula

Bram Stoker became famous after the release of his excellent novel titled Dracula. He is one of the best-known Irish writers of the time. Although he wrote several books, it was the book on Dracula that was the most successful at that time and even today. Indeed, the story was fictional but it has become a real folk legend in the country. Moreover, in his works, the writer proves to be very perfectionist so that the general public can enter the imaginary world of Dracula. His overflowing imagination gave birth to a true masterpiece. Indeed, it took him 10 years to release the book because there were so many inconsistent details that needed to be corrected.

But before being a writer, he was also a great scientist. Bram Stoker earned a degree in Mathematical Sciences. It was after this that he decided to pursue his true calling: writing. During his career, he met many famous authors to whom he proudly owes his success. In the meantime, he graced the stages of the famous theaters of the time with his works. He was also a faithful friend because he had published the story of his dearest idol, Henry Irving.

His biography

He was born on November 8, 1847 in Dublin, Ireland, the son of Abraham Stoker and Charlotte Matilda Thornley. He was the third among his parents’ seven children. He was a weak and sick child because he suffered from fragile health and therefore had to stay in bed constantly. To help him pass the time, his mother would read him stories like Irish legends, the story of the cholera epidemic and even the Bible. Later, these stories will inspire him in the creation of his works.

Despite his illness, in 1863 he was able to enter the university of Trinity College and, in 1870, he obtained the degree in science and mathematics. After that, he got a job as a civil servant at Dublin Castle.

The author’s former home in Dublin with a commemorative plaque

His career had allowed him to frequent several famous theaters. In 1871, he published his first novel entitled “The Chain of Destiny”. Shortly after the success of his work, he was promoted to administrator of the Lyceum Theater in London, this takes place in 1875. He also became the sidekick of the famous actor Henry Irving who had inspired him to become a writer.

After his father’s death in 1876, he took his father’s surname and he married Florence Balcombe in 1878. From their union was born a son in 1879, whom they named Noël Thornley. The birth of his son inspired him to write stories for children, including “Under the Sunset” which he published in 1881.

The writer’s journey

Since he had worked in the Lyceum Theater, he was able to meet a lot of famous authors and actors, especially during the tour in the United States. He met Walt Whitman in 1883. During a second tour in 1886, he made a test in the amphitheatres of Glimpse of America.

Once in London, he had attended a hypnotist’s conference. But it was his meeting, in 1890, with Arminius Vambery and Richard Francis that made his career take off, since they were specialists in the legends of Eastern Europe. Since that encounter, he has been researching the British Museum to find information about Dracula.

Unfortunately, his friend Henry Irving passed away. In his memory he published a book about his life which he entitled “Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving”, which deeply inspired him in his next tour at the Lyceum Theatre.

The birth of Dracula

He has already published many books but the most successful was Dracula. This novel takes the form of a diary where the character is a man thirsty for blood and bestial desire. We will thus see a fight between good and evil. Dracula is an epistolary novel he had published in 1897. The novel tells the story of Count Dracula, an immortal vampire who fed on the blood of the living to then transform them into an army of demonic monsters.

The first edition of Dracula in 1897

The main subject of this novel is the envy and the desire for eternal life. Later, this best-selling novel was quickly adapted to the cinema. Moreover, the author was inspired by other Gothic writers in order to bring out the character of Dracula. It is normal that Dracula is his most famous work since he worked on it for 10 years before publishing it. He also researched the folklore of Transylvania to compile them with his works.

The character of Bram Stocker is inspired by a real person: Vlad III the Impaler

It was Armin Vambery who gave him the idea because he took the name of the main character from the works that this author had given him, the name Dracula comes from “VoÏde Valaque Vlad Tepes” and for his novel to be more realistic, he adapted the main character in the likeness of his late friend Henry Irving.

What is very impressive in his story is that he describes Transylvania as a place that is familiar to him when he has never been there. He had just used documents and images that spoke of the country. And even if we do not know the source of inspiration of the author, some are convinced that the story of Dracula is true. More recently, in 2009, a descendant of Bram Stoker continued the continuation of his novel by entitling it Dracula the Immortal.

Bran Castle in Transylvania located in Romania inspired the author cge2010 / Shutterstock.com

The Death of Bram Stoker

Every beginning unfortunately has an end! The famous writer died in his apartment after years of success on April 21, 1912 in London at the age of 69. Throughout his childhood he was rocked by fantastic stories that his mother had told him. Moreover, he did the same for his son so that he could live in a magical world full of adventures.

Few names have aroused more terror than Dracula. The legendary vampire has inspired countless horror movies, TV shows, and other gory tales about vampires. This gothic novel launched a whole genre of literature, and later other art forms, about vampires, sinister figures using their supernatural powers to hunt down humans and drink their blood.

Dracula played by Gary Oldman in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1993 film © Columbia Pictures – Dracula / Allocinated

And you, what do you think of the writer Bram Stoker? Have you read his famous novel Dracula and did you like it? Have you seen any movies inspired by the famous vampire? Tell us everything in the comments. To go deeper, unravel the bloody mysteries of the famous Count Dracula’s Transylvanian castle here.

Portrait of the writer Bram Stoker, this master of horror behind the cult novel Dracula