Prey: the actors of the first Predator give their opinion on the Disney + film

against all odds, Preythe prequel to predator went out on Disney+pleased two of the actors of the first film.

Before Godzilla launches the MonsterVerse in 2014, a cinematic universe linking the critters Godzilla and King-Kong, two other mythical cinema creatures clashed in Alien vs. predatora film featuring the monsters seen for the first time in cinemas in Alien, the eighth passenger in 1972 and predator in 1987.

While Hollywood could have confronted the Predator with a new creature from one of the many franchises to which Disney now holds the rights, the saga took a completely different direction and its latest opus, born first under the aegis of the Fox, is a prequel. Instead of adding a layer to the already extensive universe of predatordirector Dan Trachtenberg, made his version an independent work from the other films in the franchiseand it was surely the best thing to do.

While some purists feared the saga would be tainted by a prequel after the unloved The Predator, Prey turned out to be a good surprise and this new manhunt did not please only Large Screen since a certain Jesse Ventura recently gave his opinion on the film. The one who played Blain in the first predatorshared his excitement in a Twitter post:

“Prey is really great. Amber Midthunder, you clearly don’t have time to bleed. Welcome to the Predator family. Dan Trachtenberg, thank you for making such a thoughtful, creative and wonderful film. »

Two Prey Fans

Two days later, it’s Bill Duke alias Mac in the first predatorwho shared his opinion on Prey and like his old comrade, he greatly appreciated the version proposed by Dan Trachtenberg:

“If you haven’t seen Prey on Hulu yet, go for it. It’s an amazing movie and Amber Midthunder is amazing. This young woman has a great career ahead of her. As Jesse Ventura said… Welcome to the Predator family. “I see you”. »

Prey: photo, Amber MidthunderPrey’s Revelation

As the two actors very well specified, Amber Midthunder is perhaps the biggest surprise of Prey. If you could see it in the movie ice road alongside Liam Neeson, the young actress member of the Sioux Nation has mainly been spotted thanks to the series Legion. She should also play in Centurion XII, a film by Dana Gonzales that does not yet have a release date. Like Bill Duke, we can’t wait to discover the rest of the career of this very promising actress.

Prey: the actors of the first Predator give their opinion on the Disney + film