Prime Video news: January 2023 film and series releases

If among your good resolutions at the start of the year you have planned to ease off on films and series, the new features that await you on Prime Video may make you change your mind! The streaming platform is full of new series and new films that should appeal to all types of audiences, including the most demanding! series side, they can discover Last Night or The Rig and rediscover classics like Mad Men. On the film side, cinema classics join the catalog to which is added an Amazon creation: Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez.

Series to watch in January 2023 on Prime Video

This is Usseason 5 – January 5

Cosmic Love – January 6th

In this one-of-a-kind social experiment, four people attempt to find the perfect match through astrological pairing. Each individual represents one of the four elements of astrology (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). Their romantic adventure unfolds during a retreat led by a mystical guide, the Astro Chamber. They mingle, pair up, date, eliminate, and end up making the biggest decision of their lives…will they marry their partner, based on their astrology alone?

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last nightseason 1 – January 6

A family’s life is suddenly turned upside down when oil reserves are contaminated by an infectious agent, causing society to implode.

The Rig: in the mist of the abyssseason 1 – January 6

The Rig follows the crew of the oil rig Kinloch Bravo in their fight for survival after a strange fog cuts off all communication with the coast and leaves them stranded in the violent waves of the North Sea. With the helicopter failing to arrive and supplies limited, Magnus, the offshore facility manager and rig boss, attempts to guide his already weakened team through this ever-evolving crisis. But their increasingly desperate efforts to reestablish contact with solid ground are continually frustrated by rising tensions and paranoia, the failure of the rig’s systems and a devastating accident that confronts them all with the deadly dangers of one of the most extreme working environments on the planet.

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The Testseason 2 – January 13

The Australian men’s cricket team has been rocked by a cheating scandal. She must now rebuild her culture and regain her status as world number 1.

Huntersseason 2 – January 13

A group of Nazi hunters in New York in 1977 discover that hundreds of Nazi officers are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the United States.

madmenseason 1 to 7 – January 15

The Legend of Vox Machinaseason 2 – January 20

In a world of privilege and glamour, the friendship of two young women transcends their startlingly different classes as they prepare to graduate and enter royal vampire society.

Films and documentaries to watch in January 2023 on Prime Video

Eyes Wide Shut – January 1st

Full Metal Jacket – January 1st

Love is a Party – January 1st

Lead in the head – January 1st

The price of loyalty – January 1st

Out of time – January 1st

Jurassic Park franchise – January 1st

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Uncontrollable mother in college – January 1st

Sex Tape – January 1st

Shazam!– January 2

game night – January 9

Escape Game 2: the world is a trap – January 11

Reservoir Dogs – January 15th

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas – January 15th

Dunes – January 15th

Halloween – January 15th

american assassin – January 15th

The Mist – January 15th

blade runner 2049 – January 18

Venom: Let There Be Carnage – January 20

Godzilla II: King of the Monsters – January 25

Don’t Breathe 2 – January 25

Shotgun Wedding – January 27

In Shotgun Wedding, Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) reunite their adorable but opinionated families for the ultimate destination wedding, just when the couple begins to have second thoughts. And as if that weren’t enough to threaten the party, everyone’s life is suddenly in danger when the whole party is held hostage. The phrase ’til death do us part’ takes on a whole new meaning in this hilarious, adrenaline-pumping adventure, as Darcy and Tom must save their loved ones – if they don’t kill each other first .

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Aquaman – January 30

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Prime Video news: January 2023 film and series releases