Prose and dance for connoisseurs, the 2022/23 Season kicks off at the Teatro Caporali in Panicale

It will kick off the December 1st the 22/23 Season of the Cesare Caporali Theater in Panicale, organized by the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria and the municipal administration, with La madre dei mostri, a new TSU production inspired by the stories of Guy de Maupassant – one of the founders of modern fiction – directed and staged by Lorenzo Collalti.

Through an unprecedented dramaturgy, he investigates and constructs daily life between madness and irony, just like the French writer does. From the director’s notes: “Through a rewriting of the story of Le Horla (a man confesses through a diary that he is possessed by a vampire), almost as if they were slips of the tongue, in the protagonist’s crescendo of madness, a series of stories unfold that come to life by associations of thought”.

“We are particularly happy and proud to welcome the new TSU Season of Prose and Dance, small (six events) and precious. – the comment of the Councilor for Culture Anna Buso – Even our Teatro Caporali has small dimensions, yet it has always been a very important center of cultural production. This edition includes a journey in six stages, where we will cross the literature of the nineteenth century (The mother of monsters dedicated to Maupassant), twentieth century (The strong ring of Nuto Revelli) and contemporary (Margherita Mauro, Alessandro Benvenuti and Matthias Martelli). There will be food for thought on topical issues such as the condition of old age, women’s emancipation, the pandemic crisis, but with an original, never predictable and even comical look. We then have a special stop with traditional Sufi dance thanks to the Turkish dancer Ziya Azazi. We close with Raphael and the return of the talented Martelli who brings the life of Perugino’s most illustrious pupil to the stage, to also pay homage to our local Renaissance, where the fresco by Pietro Vannucci occupies the place of honour”.

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Saturday 17th December it is the turn of Futuro anterior by Margherita Mauro, with Matilde Buzzoni, Antonio De Nitto, Gloria Giacopini and Matilde Vigna. The show stages a collective investigation into the future, where a group of young actors explore new possible scenarios of aging on stage, formulating creative strategies for their future geriatric survival.

The season continues Monday 16 January in the name of dance with the Turkish artist Ziya Azazi who interprets the dances of the Sufi tradition in a contemporary key in Dervish. An evening composed of two works: Azab and Dervish in progress. In his training as a dancer and man, Ziya Azazi was influenced by Sufism, an existential philosophy. According to this philosophy that studies the randomness of existence, man is a being who needs to grow and be enlightened. Dervish is the port of arrival of this route.

Saturday 4th March Alessandro Benvenuti brings his Panico ma rosa to the stage: a journey into the mind of a comedian who, in seeking a new meaning in life so as not to go crazy, mixes dreams and anecdotes, designs baroque comic languages, decides to be reborn to a new life.

Saturday 22nd April Anna Di Francisca directs Nuto Revelli’s strong ring: a tribute to the unforgettable women whose testimonies the writer and partisan collected. Heartbreaking and funny stories, stories of abuse and emancipation, collected in a Piedmont that is irreversibly changing.

To close the Caporali Billboard, Thursday 6 May, is the actor, performer and jester Matthias Martelli with his Raphael, son of the wind, a compelling and poetic tale about a great genius of humanity: Raffaello Sanzio. Martelli, accompanied by the live music of Maestro Castellan, takes up the tradition of jester theater and storytelling and drags the spectator into an exciting journey, entering Raphael’s masterpieces with images and words, discovering the curiosities, the his loves and immersing himself in the climate of the time.

Prose and dance for connoisseurs, the 2022/23 Season kicks off at the Teatro Caporali in Panicale