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“Puntodivistafilmfestival” – Awards ceremony on Saturday

“Puntodivistafilmfestival” – The awards ceremony in Cagliari on Saturday, and the master of terror arrives, the director Lamberto Bava.

“Puntodivistafilmfestival” – Awards ceremony on Saturday – Saturday 17 December at 20:30 (Teatro Adriano, via Sassari 16 – Cagliari) the 15th edition of the PuntodiVistaFilmFestival, organized by the Cultural Association Art’In of Cagliari, will conclude.

The evening will be dedicated to the awarding of the winners of the International Cinematography Competition indicated by the juries.

The guest of honor will be the famous director Lamberto Bava, who will converse with the journalist Bepi Vigna.

The meeting will be enriched by the musical digressions of the pianist Salvatore Spano and by the corsair raids of the actresses and singers Manuela Loddo and Rossella Faa, who will present the evening. Some of the authors, directors, actresses and actors who participated in this edition of the Festival will be present in the room.

Lamberto Bava, Roman, born in 1944, is a film and television director, screenwriter and producer. He is the son of art: his father, Mario Bava, was one of the reference directors of horror cinema, not only in Italy. His grandfather, Eugenio Bava, was an operator and director of photography.

It was therefore easy for him to make his debut in the world of cinema, as in 1965 he began as his father’s assistant, which allowed him to direct some scenes of the film “Schock” (1977).

The tandem work continued in 1978 with a co-direction on the motion picture “La Venere d’Ille,” for television. A year later came the turning point: it was then that Lamberto Bava began working alone in the film “Macabro”, scheduled in Italian cinemas just two months before his father’s death.

In 1980 he began collaborating with Dario Argento in the making of “Dèmoni” and “Dèmoni 2… the nightmare returns”. For the great Roman director, Bava acted as assistant in the film “Tenebre”.

In 1983 he directed the thriller “The house with the ladder in the dark”, starring a young Andrea Occhipinti.

Instead, the action film “Blastfighter” and the science fiction horror “Shark – Red in the ocean” are from 1984, while in 1986 he made “You will die at midnight”, initially conceived for television but then distributed in cinemas.

In 1987, he first directed the erotic thriller “Le foto di Gioia”, with Serena Grandi, enjoying good public success; then he signed two miniseries for TV: “Brivido giallo” (which included “Dinner with the Vampire”, “A night at the cemetery”, “Per semper” and “La casa dell’ogre”) and “Alta tensione” (composed of “The Master of Terror”, “The Game”, “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die” and “Eyewitness”).

In the same period he shot the first six episodes of the television series “Turno di notte”, conceived and supervised by Dario Argento for the television program “Giallo” by Enzo Tortora.

The remake “The mask of the devil” dates back to 1989, a tribute to the father’s film of the same name.

He directed and produced the fantasy series “Fantaghirò”, consisting of five TV films. Other fantasy television miniseries directed by Lamberto Bava are “Desideria and the dragon ring” (1995), “Little sister and the prince of dreams” (1996) and “The princess and the poor man” (1997), in which they starred among others Anna Falchi, Raz Degan, Lorenzo Crespi and Valeria Marini together with veteran actors of the caliber of Franco Nero, Christopher Lee and Max von Sydow.

As a producer, in 1998 he created the television miniseries “The White Elephant” for Rai1, directed by Gianfranco Albano and based on the novel “The city of the leper king” by Emilio Salgari. In 1999 he created the adventure miniseries “Caraibi”, with Mario Adorf and Remo Girone, while in 2000 he created the police miniseries “L’Impero” with Claudia Koll and Claudio Amendola.

In 2006 he returned behind the camera with two films, “Ghost Son” and “The Torturer”.

In 2014 he made his debut as a writer with the horror novel “Only for us vampires”. Four years after another direction, in the film “Twins” starring Gérard Depardieu.

In 2021 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Heroes International Film Festival in Rome.

In autumn 2022 he was one of the three jury members for the “Crazies” section at the 40th Torino Film Festival.

“Puntodivistafilmfestival” – Awards ceremony on Saturday – Sardegna Reporter