Report December 12, previews: investigation into the League and TIM

During the evening we return to talk about the waste containers sent to Tunisia in 2021.

Monday 12 December, from 21:25 on Rai 3a new appointment with is scheduled to air Reports. The survey program is conducted by Siegfried Ranucci. The episode can be viewed, live and in streaming, from the site Rai Play.

Report 12 December, focus on the TIM company

TO Reports of 12 December, a service entitled This is Tim, dedicated to the well-known telecommunications company. The envoys Norma Ferrara and George Mottola, as stated in the advances, talk about the financial situation of the company. In the summer the new management presented a plan to split the enterprise in two. The objective was to transfer to Cassa Depositi e Prestiti the part of the fixed network, which bears the greatest debts and most of the employees.

As he tells Reports of 12 December, however, this idea was rejected by the government led by Giorgia Meloni. The executive, for its part, did not present any alternative project and the stock on the Stock Exchange suffered a significant collapse.

The show tries to reconstruct the path that led the company to such situations. Furthermore, with unpublished documents, a light is turned on some contracts deemed anomalous that TIM allegedly entered into in the period in which it was about to close the agreement with DAZN on Serie A football rights.

Investigation into the League

Reports of 12 December broadcasts a service entitled Untie at home and made by Luca Chianca and Alessia Marzi. In the midst of the election campaign, the League di Matteo Salvini has created a large gathering in Pontida, already the historical site of the previous movement, namely the North league. According to the broadcast, the party led by the current Minister of Infrastructure would have paid into the real estate Pontida Fin (Owned by the old League) 250 thousand euros for a single day’s rent.

The old political movement, after a few days, would have used part of that money to pay Francesco Barachetti, an entrepreneur accused of having stolen public funds. The latter, as emerged in recent weeks, would be involved in an affair concerning the police station of Trezzo sull’Adda, a municipality administered by Matteo Salvini’s party. Brachetti, in 2016, was awarded a 600 thousand euro contract to complete the works.

Report December 12 services

Report 12 December, the waste that Tunisia would like to bring back to Italy

Finally, during the December 12 episode of Reportswe go back to talking about waste in Tunisia. The investigation is carried out by Greta Orsi, Bernardo Iovene and Lydia Galeazzo and has the name of The Tunisian return. In 2021, 282 containers of waste left for Tunisia from the port of Salerno. Once here, however, the local authorities deemed the goods illegal. From that moment a long back and forth began. The state of North Africa expects all waste to return to Italy. Although a part has already landed again in Salerno, 69 containers remain in Tunisia which, according to them, must return to our territory as soon as possible.

Report December 12, previews: investigation into the League and TIM