Robert Pattinson, the evolution from Twilight to Batman by changing role (and girlfriend)

un precocious talent, Robert Pattinson, now 36 years old. When he was only 15, he made his acting debut at the Barnes Theater Company of London, acting in several performances of the Macbeth Of William Shakespeare and other shows, such as Anything Goes and Our Town.

In the 2004 arrives on TV in fantasy The saga of the Nibelungswhere he interpreted the Prince Giselher, only to be noticed by director Mira Nair who chose him for the role of Rawdy Crawley in the film The Vanity Fair (although the scenes in which he appears will later be deleted in the final cut).

But the cut scenes, somehow, bring him luck: after that role, in 2005 he gets the chance to play Cedric Diggory in the fourth chapter of the saga, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, then replicating the experience with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 2007.

His life, and he doesn’t even know it yet, is about to change forever. In July of that same year he was chosen as the protagonist of Twilight, one of the most successful vampire and teen sagas ever. He comes chosen from over five thousand actorswho competed for the role of the mysterious Edward Cullen.

Robert Pattinson in Cannes in 2017. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Robert Pattinson in Twilight

The film doesn’t bring him, however, only great success for his career, but also for love: in fact, he gets to know him on the set Kristen Stewartthe co-star, who will become hers fiancée for four years, until her betrayal was exposed in all the media.

Trivia about the audition: Stewart explained that Catherine Hardwickedirector of of twilight, she was determined in giving her the female role, since she was «perfect to interpret Bella Swan». He needed, however, a male co-star with which to create the right chemistrythe same to reach even the youngest audience, which has always been considered one of the hardest to conquer.

So he organized a private meeting at his homewhere some actors had to read part of the script and then kiss Kristen. It seems that Pattinson was very listless. As Stewart recounts, she had “a very intellectual approach as if he thought “I don’t give a f*** about this, but we have to make it work.” It was the same for me.”

The scene kiss, however, was crazy and the director immediately chose Pattinson as protagonist. “We made that moment definitely better. It’s the chemistry that anyone who plays those roles he needs to hear».

«Twilight? I’m proud to have been a part of it,” the actor reiterated. “I no longer have to chase a job as happened to me especially before Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The resulting popularity still gives me the calm, even economic, to choose only projects in which I believe. AND life it’s proof of that.”

The film life (2015)

Already, lifethe film in which Robert Pattinson plays the photographer Dennis Stock at the time (1955) of its turbulent friendship with James Dean, which allowed him to portray him exclusively both in New York and in his birthplace in Indiana, in the very small town of Marion.

Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan at the premiere of ‘Life’ in 2015. (EPA/BRITTA PEDERSEN)

In the role of James Dean – many would have liked the same Robert Pattinson – there was instead Dane DeHaanone of the emerging names in Hollywood, while the only female character is Pier Angeli, an Italian actress from the 1950s played by Alessandra Mastronardi.

Making that film, «I understood first-hand how much it can be hard to deal with a star», explained the actor. “When you’re on the red carpet actually you don’t even see photographersyou move by making some moves, often studied, but in return you have no faces, only flashes».

For his part, «Dean, however, was able to keep his private life under wraps. It was another era. But that didn’t mean there was less of a desire to know intimate details of his daily life compared to what happens today”.

Robert Pattinson cowboy version… confused

Subsequently, three years later, he takes part in Damsela western comedy in which he plays a naive cowboy so blinded by love that he doesn’t understand that his missing girlfriend hasn’t been kidnapped, but has eloped with another man.

Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska, his partner in the film Damsel. (PHILIPP GUELLAND)

«An unusual role for me, but also the only one with which perhaps I can succeed get some smiles» he said. I don’t consider myself a comedian, I need a situation to make people laugh and the script of Damsel it is so well written that I already enjoyed reading it” tell us.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

With his 33 years, Robert he was the second youngest actor to play Bruce Wayne in the movie The Batman and take on the role of dark Knightbeaten in age only by Christian Balewho was 31 years old in Batman Begins in 2005.

The film, directed by Matt Reeves and exit in 2022, had a huge success: only in the first eight days had already exceeded the total of Dunes becoming the highest grossing Warner Bros since the theaters reopened post pandemic.

Pattinson gave the character a personal connotation: «Batman is not a herohe’s a very complicated character,” explained al New York Times“I don’t think I could ever play a real hero, there is something slightly wrong with me. I think it’s because one of my eyes is smaller than the other.”

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz at the 2022 “The Batman” premiere in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

The doubts relating to the choice of the cast have extinguished «given that the performance of Robert Pattinson is generally considered as the best of all time as Batmansocial analytics firm RelishMix pointed out. «While a good portion of the public loved the use of the Nirvana musicwhich was the inspiration for Matt Reeves when writing the film».

“Batman v Superman: dawn of justice”, the clash between superheroes

The story with Kristen Stewart

As we have already told, one of his best known great loves was the one with Kristen Stewart. The feeling between the two actors blossomed in 2009 right on the set, as happened to several couples in the Hollywood world, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (but an infinite number of examples could be cited).

Lovers thwarted for fiction by one different natureEdwardthe character of Pattinsonit was a vampirewhile Prettyi.e. the Stewartwas Human – the two shortly they ended up really falling in love. Sending their fans into raptures, who asked for nothing more than see them united even off the set.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 2011 at the time of their love. (EPA/ANDY RAIN)

After three years of love, however, it is an infidelity of Kristen Stewart has come to light: it turned out that he had cheated on his partner with the director Rupert Sanderswho himself had been unfaithful to his wife Liberty Ross. The double iplot of betrayals has the epilogue we know: all couples – official and unofficial – they fell apart and everyone went their own waykeeping well away from the other protagonists of the story.

Relations today are relaxed

But, now that his youthful “distraction” is overdue for prescription, Stewart feels free to talk about that “first love” of hers. Recalling herself and Pattinson during those times, she tenderly told the The New Yorker that “we were young and stupid».

Today, relations between the two seem relaxed, so much so that she, regarding the interpretation of the ex in The Batmansaid that “Rob is crazy and I’m proud how his career is going and very happy that he was cast as Batman.”

FKA Twigs, second great love of Robert Pattinson

Closed the story with Stewart, Robert Pattinson was three years (2014-2017) with the singer FKA Twigs. As revealed by an insider al Sun, the actor would have decided to leave the singer, with whom he had been since September 2014, even if their union had been made official seven months later, complete with a ring and Promise of marriage.

«They were inseparable for two years.”explained the source, «but in recent months they have started ad step away and to spend less and less time together».

Pattinson would tired of the relationship by breaking off the engagement. «It is a difficult situation but it was now clear that they were no longer a happy couple» added the friend.

Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse

For four years, Pattinson has been happy next to Suki Waterhousea young British actress seen in the film The Bad Batch and Persuasion. Suki is also an accomplished one model: has walked for major high fashion brands including Burberry, Alexander Wang, Miu Miu and Balenciaga.

The couple does not like worldliness and the two have hardly given interviews talking about each other. However, an insider reported a hollywood life that “Rob has kept his relationship with Suki private because they both know what it’s like to have public relations with famous celebrities in front of the world. What they have is special and their bond is indissoluble. They both want the same things in life: get married and have a family together».

Quarantine together

The great test, for them, was to spend the quarantine from covid togetherin May 2020. Robert PattinsonHe had celebrated his 34th birthday in solitary confinement at the time. But he must not be too sorry: obsessed with privacy and self-effacing as he issurely he would not have dedicated himself to a Hollywood party.

With him, serving that period of solitude, was his fiancée Suki Waterhouse, who he had been dating for a couple of years at the time. The filming of Batman had been momentarily halted due to the global pandemic, the reason for the film’s release being severely delayed.

The life that Pattinson led was quiet (“I have completely lost track of time» he had told GQ British version), and devoted to laziness absolute. «I’m doing practically nothinghe had admitted. His personal trainer had gotten him some weights, which, however, as he had confessed, he had no intention of using.

“I think that if you train all the time, you are part of the problem», he declared in an interview, «set a precedent. Nobody did that in the 70s. Even James Dean: he wasn’t exactly trained.’

He also had a diet to follow, but even on this aspect he didn’t seem very dutiful: he told of having eaten whatever happened to himmostly tinned food and dishes of his own invention, such as tuna and tabasco, and – not having foreseen having to stop in London for so long – he only had three shirts in the closetwhich alternated every day.

If Suki endured the actor in those “extreme” conditions, perhaps the real one super heroine – even without a cloak – it was her!


Robert Pattinson, the evolution from Twilight to Batman by changing role (and girlfriend)