“Secret codes”: how to explore hidden categories on Netflix

Each genre and subgenre has its own code assigned, which makes it easier to navigate and allows you to filter in more detail what you are looking for. According to the What’s On site Netflix, a full list of movies or shows can be manually accessed for a large number of subcategories involving different types of content.

To access this content, simply enter the following in the URL address: and then add the code in question. By doing so, the page will redirect the user to the specific genre they are looking to explore. Thus, for example, if you write, you will see a list of classic movies.


This is the URL address to enter:

It should be noted that when entering a subcategory in the search, the portal may indicate that there is no content that responds to that characteristic. This is because the site adds and changes its proposals, so what is available varies over time.

Next, the codes Netflix to watch all kinds of movies and series according to different categories and subcategories:

1. To access the Action & Adventure category: 1365

To see the material of the subcategories within Action and adventure there are all these codes:

Action-Adventure Classics: 46576

Action Comedies: 43040

Adventures: 7442

Comics and superheroes: 10118

Military and war action: 2125

2. To watch Anime you have to enter the code 7424while to access the subcategories, the codes listed below must be typed:

For adults: 11881

Action anime: 2653

Comedy anime: 9302

Drama anime: 452

Horror anime: 10695

Netflix: 5 anime movies you can’t miss

Netflix: 5 anime movies that you can not miss.

Netflix: 5 anime movies that you can not miss.

3. Children’s and family films: 783

Movies for 5-7 years: 5455

Movies for 8-10 years: 561

Movies for 11-12 year olds: 6962

Children’s Education: 10659

4. Classic Movies: 31574

Classic Comedies: 31694

Classic Dramas: 29809

Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy: 47147

5. Comedies: 6548

Black Comedies: 869

Sitcoms: 9702

Sports Comedies: 5286

Stand-up: 11559

Romantic comedies: 5475

Netflix: 5 comedy movies available on the platform

Netflix: 5 comedy movies available on the platform.

Netflix: 5 comedy movies available on the platform.

6. Documentaries: 6839

Biographical documentaries: 3652

Crime Documentaries: 9875

Historical documentaries: 5349

Sports documentaries: 180

Music and concert documentaries: 90361

7. Dramas: 5763

Classic Dramas: 29809

Crime Dramas: 6889

Dramas based on real events: 3653

Romantic dramas: 1255

Showbiz Dramas: 5012

8. LGBTQ-themed movies: 5,977

LGBTQ Comedies: 7120

LGBTQ Dramas: 500

LGBTQ Romantic Movies: 3,329

Foreign LGBTQ Movies: 8,243

LGBTQ documentaries: 4720

LGBTQ Shows: 65263

9. Horror movies: 8711

Cult Horror Movies: 10944

Horror Comedies: 89585

Movies about serial killers: 8646

Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023

Vampire Horror Movies: 75804

Horror movies with werewolves: 75930

Satanic Stories: 6998

Brightburn son of darkness sweeps Netflix with its brutal terror (3).png

10. Romantic movies: 8883

Romantic Favorites: 502675

Romantic dramas: 1255

Sensual Romantic Movies: 35800

Classic Romantic Movies: 31273

Romantic comedies: 5475

11. Science fiction and fantasy: 1492

Science Fiction and Action Fantasy: 1568

Science fiction with aliens: 3327

Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 47147

Science Fiction Dramas: 3916

Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694

12. Sets: 83

Classic series: 46553

Crime series: 26146

Children’s series: 27346

Korean series: 67879

Action and adventure series: 10673

Comedy series: 10375

Docuseries: 10105

Drama Series: 11714

Horror series: 83059

Mystery series: 4366

Science fiction and fantasy series: 1372

Reality TV: 9833

“Secret codes”: how to explore hidden categories on Netflix