Secret Story: the first trailer for the return of the cult show unveiled

Secret Story fans were disappointed when the reality TV show was canceled after eleven seasons in 2017. Since then, much like Star Academy, fans have been waiting for the big comeback of the famous confessional and above all, the Voice. But to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the program, Secret Story will return for an evening.

The reunion of the emblematic candidates of Secret Story on TFX

Big productions love to have reunions, years after programs have ended, to play with fan loyalty. Friends and Harry Potter got theirs in 2021 and 2022, and this time it’s the turn of Secret Story to play the nostalgia card. The Voice invited the two presenters, Benjamin Castaldi and Christopher Beaugrandas well as the most emblematic candidates of Secret Story, for an unpublished documentary, broadcast on August 26, 2022 on TFX.

Those who will then be present to remember the memories of the shooting are none other than Emilie Nef Naf, winner of season 3, Benoît Dubois, who won season 4, Marie Garet, winner of season 5 , and Anaïs Camizuli, who won season 7. We will also find Amélie Neten, Eddy Ben Youssef, Sarah Lopez, Rémi Notta, Erwan Heinaux, Coralie Porrovecchio, Xavier Delarue and Tatiana Laurence. We will obviously be entitled to some cult sequences from the eleven seasons, as well as filming secrets.

The Secret Story Reunion Trailer

It is this Wednesday, August 17, 2022, the TFX television channel has finally revealed the first images of this long-awaited reunion between the former candidates of the cult show Secret Story. The voice promises to reveal never-before-seen footage and declare never-before-seen secrets behind the scenes of the show. We will learn in particular how the cast of the show was formed to reveal personalities still remembered by viewers today.

A new season of Secret Story approaching?

We can therefore wonder if TFX is not secretly preparing a new season, season 12, of Secret Story. The show brought together millions of viewers every summer, and above all, the Star Academy had done the same thing at the end of 2021: three special meetings which brought together the former candidates, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the program. And this year, in the fall of 2022, Star Ac’ will be back for its tenth season.

On social networks, many are those who are nostalgic for the Secret Story era, and who remember these summer evenings which chained Koh Lantathe Secret Story bonus, and the After Secret show.

Secret Story: the first trailer for the return of the cult show unveiled