Short but intense: here are the best HBO miniseries to watch absolutely

The American platform HBO extension has given us many interesting productions over the years such as the very recent House of The Dragons, Euphoriabut also The Sopranos or Succession.

We are no strangers to the practice of binge-watchingbut if you wanted to dedicate a single session to a series of very high quality, but slightly less demanding in terms of time, we certainly shouldn’t miss out the miniseries that HBO has churned out over the yearsHere are some of the more interesting ones.

Mare of Easttown – Murder in Easttown

For his starring role in Sea of ​​Easttown Kate Winslet even won the Golden Globes as best actress, but the miniseries itself has also garnered awards for the Emmy Awards. The story is quite simple and in itself it would not arouse particular interest: in Easttown there has been a murder and Mare, the detective played by Winslet, investigates to solve the case. What apparently it would seem like a crime like many others is however blessed with excellent writing, thanks to Brad Ingelsbyand by an evocative direction, that of Craig Zobelas well as interpreters who manage to fully render the personal growth of the characters, making them real and human as rarely happens to observe in a series.

Irma Vep

Directed by Olivier Assayas and based on his film of the same name Irma Vep – Life imitates art is a miniseries where the border between fiction and reality it’s not clear at all. To give the face to the protagonist Mira is an intense Alicia Vikanderwhich perfectly manages to convey the sense of estrangement born from the merger of the young actress’s personality with that of Irma Vep, the protagonist of the old silent film The vampires by Louis Feuillade of which she is called to interpret the remake.


Gloomy and heartbreaking, Chernobyl is a miniseries that, in just five episodes, is able to shock the viewers. Everything seems perfectly studied to give the idea of ​​the anguish that followed the nuclear disaster in Pripyat on April 26, 1986, providing both from the point of view of the first firefighters who intervened in the central site of the explosion, and from that of the liquidators, to then move on from the relatives of the victims of direct exposure to radiation. The series, which was inspired by the Svyatlana Alexievich’s book Prayer for Chernobylas well as from that of Andrew Leatherbarrow headlined Chernobyl 01:23:40boasts a top-notch cast including Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard, Paul Ritter, Jessie Buckley And Barry Keoghan.

Band of Brothers – Brothers at the front

Produced by Steven Spielberg And Tom Hanksas well as from HBO extension, Bands of Brothers – Brothers at the front is a historical miniseries inspired by the book set during the Second World War by Stephen Ambrosealready author of the book that inspired the film Save Private Ryan. Ten episodes shot by ten different directors to tell the horrors of war, thanks also to the support of an exceptional cast which includes, among others, Damian Lewis, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Tom Hardy. Band of Brothers (title taken from Shakespeare’s Henry V, act IV, scene 3) is a choral epic featuring a group of paratroopers and their life at the front, in a gritty tale that got a sequel in 2010: The Pacific.

Scenes from a wedding

The original miniseries is of Swedish origin and was directed and written by Ingmar Bergman. In the US version Scener ur ett äktenskap it becomes Scenes from a wedding and the protagonists become from Erland Josephson And Liv Ullmann the very close friends Oscar Isaac And Jessica Chastain. The series is based on the incredible ability of the authors Hagai Levi (who is also producer and director) and of Amy Herzogwhich manage to give depth to fully spoken episodes, which revolve around a single environment and in which the protagonists are the fulcrum of emotional charge of the whole story, which highlights the evolution of the relationship between husband and wife once she admits that she is in love with her lover.

Angels in America

We cannot forget to mention the home-born television transposition HBO extension of theplay by Tony Kushner. Angels in America is a six-part miniseries that boasts a top-level cast, starring actors such as Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson And Jeffrey Wright. As well as the play from which it is taken, the series retraces in a sometimes dreamlike tale the terrible AIDS epidemic that affected the gay community in America, focusing on the gay community’s reactions to the spread of the disease, and the deaths that follow. The title recalls the biblical references present in the work in which the figure of the angel is presented and there are numerous references to the guilt/condemnation dichotomy.

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Short but intense: here are the best HBO miniseries to watch absolutely