Spanish Netflix Romcom Series ‘In Love All Over Again’: Everything We Know So Far

From the creator of Elite, a brand new and exciting Spanish rom-com series will hit Netflix on Valentine’s Day. A love story that spans two decades, which sees Irene, an aspiring film student, fall in love with Julio. We’ve got everything you need to know about In Love All Over Again, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

In Love All Over Again is an upcoming Spanish Netflix Original series created by Carlos Montero, who also created the popular Spanish series Elite. Montero co-wrote the series with Guillermo J. Escribano and Almudena Ocaña. The production tasks were divided between four directors: Bàrbara Farré, Mateo Gil, Ginesta Guindal and Carlota Pereda.

What is the release date of the movie In Love All Over Again?

Thanks to the release of the official teaser, we can confirm that In Love All Over Again on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

What is the plot of in love again?

The first synopsis of In Love All Over Again can be found on IMDb;

Year 2003, Irène a young film student preparing a short film. To be the star, she meets Julio, with whom she quickly falls in love. But time and life lead them on other paths, to the present.

The second synopsis can be found on YouTube from the official Teaser;

In Love All Over Again is not one of those love stories in which the protagonists marry after many disagreements. No, it’s one of those where we discover that love is something else. Irene and Julio, both in their twenties, meet at a movie premiere. That night, Irene and Julio will end up in bed, and it won’t be the last time.

Who are the cast members of In Love All Over Again?

Georgina Amoros will play the role of Irene. Netflix subscribers familiar with the popular Spanish series Elite will recognize Amorós for her role as Cayetana Grajera, she starred in 31 episodes, not including Elite’s Short Stories where she reprized her role. Amorós also starred in the Spanish Netflix comedy series Welcome to the Family as Àlex.

Franco Masini will play the role of Julio. So far, Masini has starred in one Netflix original series, Mexican drama series Rebelde, as Luka Colucci.

Carlos Gonzalez will play the role of Da. This will be the first Netflix series for González, who previously starred in the Amazon Prime series Dangerous Moms and the HBO Max series Veneno.

Albert Salazar was engaged in a currently unidentified role. Salazar will debut on Netflix in In Love All Over Again.

Kyle Scudder will play the role of Matt. Scudder will also make his Netflix debut in In Love All Over Again. Outside of Netflix, Scudder starred in Peacock’s Vampire Academy series.

Roser Vilajosana has been chosen to play a role whose name is not yet known. Like many of her co-stars, Roser will be making her Netflix debut in the series.

Blanca Martinez will play Jimena and Alejandro Jato will play the role of Gonzalo.

What is the number of episodes?

We can confirm that the series will have eight episodes.

The broadcast times have not been confirmed.

When and where was Once again in love filmed?

We’re not sure when In Love All Over Again was filmed, however, we have a date listed for July 3, 2022 when the series entered post-production.

Filming took place in Madrid, Spain.

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Spanish Netflix Romcom Series ‘In Love All Over Again’: Everything We Know So Far