Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, charged with sexually assaulting a minor

If Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler ever bragged about his relationship with a minor in the ’70s, he must surely regret talking about it. Following the temporary abolition of the statute of limitations in California, Julia Holcomb accuses him of sexual assault when she was only 16 years old.

Lformer “companion” of Steven Tyler, Julia Holcomb, files a complaint against the legendary singer of the rock group Aerosmith to sexual assault and deliberate intent to inflict emotional distress. These facts would have happened in the 70s, when she was just 16, reports Release. Far from being an unknown, the young woman had already been cited by american magazine RollingStone in a group portrait from 1976, like the “groupie” which would have followed the group to the end of the world: “Tyler will tell you that he would like to get married one day, but that his girl, at least for now, is this bitch called rock & roll. At last – Julia Holcomb is still around, clinging to his arm like a scarf – but Steven Tyler is married to his career and his image 24 hours a day” could we read.

A reality far from the myth of rock & roll

However, the reality seems much more cruel. Julia Holcomb was able to file a complaint in California following the temporary removal of “statutes of limitations for allegations of childhood sexual abuse”as explained RollingStone. In the complaint, Julia Holcomb claims that Steven Tyler had convinced his mother “to grant him the guardianship on her when she was 16”when he was 25, which allowed them to live together and have sex.

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According to the young woman, the relationship reportedly lasted from 1973 to 1976 and, when they met after an Aerosmith concert in Portland, Oregon, he would have tried to find out her age and if she was virgin – what she was. She had notably recounted this traumatic experience in a documentary released in 2021 and entitled Look away, the hidden face of rock starsas mentioned in Current wife.

In his complaint, Julia Holcomb does not directly name Steven Tyler. But, according to RollingStonethe record directly cites Steven Tyler’s memoir published in 2011, in which he says he ‘almost took a wife who wasn’t of age’ : “his parents fell in love with me, signed a paper so that I could have custody, so I wouldn’t get arrested if I took him out of state. I took her on tour with me,” he said.

Abuse of power and forced abortion

According to the young woman, it was a abuse of power since she found herself unable to resist the “power, fame and significant financial capacity” of the singer. She claims he ‘coerced and persuaded her to believe it was a ‘romantic love story‘”. After their first meeting, he allegedly took her to his hotel room and “committed various criminal sexual acts” before sending her home the next day.

A situation that would have repeated itself after a concert in Seattlefor which Tyler had paid the plane ticket to Julia Holcomb, before convincing his mother to become his legal guardian. He would have promised her “better support than she received at home, (…) to enroll her in school and provide her with medical care”, specifies RollingStone. The complaint attests to a very different reality, since we can read there that he “did not follow through on these promises and instead continued to travel with the complainant, assaulting her and providing her withalcohol and drugs”.

Complaint also mentions Julia Holcomb’s pregnancy, when she was just 17. As reported Release, she was allegedly forced by Steven Tyler to abort, which would have encouraged her to leave Tyler and return to Portland. She claims that “her life was disrupted by the publication of Tyler’s memoir” without her consent. He had previously mentioned his relationship with a minor in Aerosmith’s 1997 autobiography: however, the girl mentioned is called Diana, and he says that at the time of their meeting, she was… 14 years old.

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Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, charged with sexually assaulting a minor