Stranger Things: a fatal sequel planned for many characters?

The Duffer Brothers announced the color. Season 5 of Stranger Things might have you breaking out the tissues for characters.

As expected as the last season of Game of Thrones, that of Stranger Things arouses expectation. Indeed, everyone wants to know if Hawkins’ gang will defeat Vecna. But above all, if the characters will all make it. And on this point, some may be disappointed.

Deaths to be expected?

If the actors of the project already have an idea of ​​what awaits them, everyone is still unaware of the end. This is why the actors have fun making theories about the sequel. And some seem to agree with those launched by the fans.

Like Millie Bobby Brown. Indeed, the star actress of Stranger Things recently evoked a theory about Eddie Munson. As you know, this character who landed in the last season was killed by a monster from the Upside Down.

But is he really dead? This is the question that fans are asking. And some, knowing very well the history of Dungeons and Dragons, do not believe it for a single second. Télé-Loisirs indeed recalled a very important point about the game.

“In the Dungeons & Dragons game, possibly teasing the conclusion of the fight between Eleven and Vecna… The Vampire Kas Has a Part in the Death of the Upside Down Creature. In addition, the Duffer brothers made known another very important thing.

“A Demobats bite did not kill forever…”. With these elements, we can therefore hope that Eddie is still alive in Stranger Things. And this seems to please Millie Bobby Brown a lot as she revealed in a recent interview.

She also hopes, no doubt, that Hopper will still be alive in the end. If his interpreter, David Harbour, hopes so too, he suspects that his character could die in the end. He hopes for only one thing.

Important characters will die in Stranger Things?

May Hopper have a worthy end, quite simply. It remains to be seen what the producers will offer for the finale. And the latter recently took the floor. Indeed, this Sunday, November 13, the Duffer brothers spoke at a For Your Consideration awards ceremony.

Our colleagues from Phoneandroid rightly relayed the words of the “dads” of Stranger Things”. And these ensure one thing. The final season will be the most “deadly of all”. “Just as important as the supernatural, we have so many characters now – most who are still alive in Stranger Things. And it’s important to wrap up these arcs.”.

Did they know at first. Before adding:“A lot of people have grown since the first season. So it’s a balancing act between giving them time to complete their character arcs. And also to settle the last details and make our final revelations ».

Our colleagues note that the sentence Most who are still alive” has great importance. And suggests that characters could lose their lives… This is indeed what seems to be looming in Stranger Things.

Indeed, when unveiling the script to Netflix, the Duffer brothers said:We made our producers cry, which seems to me to be a good sign. The only other times I saw them cry was during budget meetings”.

Stranger Things: a fatal sequel planned for many characters?