Streaming/TV. “Black butterflies” on Arte: the story of a couple who mixes sex and murder

The poisonous mini-series “Black butterflies” arrives free of charge this Wednesday September 7 on, before a prime time broadcast on Thursday September 22 and 29 on Arte. That’s why you shouldn’t miss it.

“Black butterflies”, the summary

Late author of a successful first novel under the pseudonym Mody, Adrien Winckler (Nicolas Duvauchelle) has his back to the wall. He struggles to give birth to a second opus, to the chagrin of his companion Nora (Alice Belaïdi) who wishes to start a family and is exasperated to see him stall. Stuck in jobs as a feather-lender, he agrees to write the memoirs of Albert Desiderio (Niels Arestrup), an atrabilairy and frighteningly intelligent old man. His client turns out to be a former serial killer (Axel Granberger), ready to recount the crimes he committed forty years earlier with his partner Solange (Alyzée Costes).

Sea, sex and blood

Attention, series really not recommended for the youngest: “The black butterflies” offer a bloody odyssey through France in the 70s, where a couple mixes murders and sex, the husband of the couple revealing the case nowadays to an incredulous writer. A thriller with an immediate attraction, especially since each narrative line of the mini-series, created by Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle, finds its inspiration in the great names of thrillers and suspense: the duel between the old murderer and the man of letters takes as much from “Silence of the Lambs” as from “Interview with a vampire”, while the disastrous flashbacks evoke as much the “Zodiac” of David Fincher as the films of Dario Argento. Everything is perfectly digested, which gives the series its own identity. Suffice to say that the south of France in the middle of summer has never been so shivering.

“The Black Butterflies” offers a high-flying cast: the duel between Nicolas Duvauchelle and Niels Arestrup, all unsaid, cold anger and deadly secrets, is chilling at will. The duo from the 70s (Axel Granberger, prize for best actor in a French series at Series mania 2022 in Lille, and Alyzée Costes) is both touching and disturbing. Note also the participation ofAlice Belaidi in companion lost by the events, and of Sami Bouajila as an investigator completely obsessed with the case.

In addition to being a formidable thriller, “Les Papillons Noirs” also offers a more than clever reflection on the recreation of memories. All in a more than ambiguous morality. A series as black as the butterflies of its title.

When the book of “Black Butterflies” comes out in real life

The mise en abyme continues in bookstores with the publication on September 7 of “Black Butterflies”, the novel at the heart of the series written by the character of Adrien / Mody (Nicolas Duvauchelle), at Éditions du Masque – Arte Éditions. An authentic work written by a fictitious writer (the “real” author of the book remaining anonymous for the moment), here is what is not common.

“It’s a completely new approach, enthuses Bainsi runo Merle, one of the creators of the series. The book will offer viewers an off-screen view of the series and perhaps even scenes that will contradict it! It was interesting working with the writer of the book, who had to keep pace with us during filming to deliver the material that we would both film and hear. The release of this book goes well beyond the scope of promotion, as if the “fourth wall” had truly been broken down. »

“The Black Butterflies”, six 50-minute episodes. Series not recommended for young people. Available for free from this Wednesday, September 7, until Wednesday, October 12, on Broadcast on Arte on Thursdays September 22 and 29 at 8:55 p.m.

Streaming/TV. “Black butterflies” on Arte: the story of a couple who mixes sex and murder