Superman and Lois: where did you see the actors of the series?

Whereas superman and laws is broadcast on TF1, the time has come to look at its cast made up of well-known personalities from the small screen. Focus on the different projects of each.

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman

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To the question, “where have we already seen Tyler Hoechlin ? the answer is obvious: Teen Wolf. Of course, fans of the MTV fantasy series know it perfectly: Tyler Hoechlin has, in particular, made his mark in the role of Derek Hale. But not only, before this character who propelled him to the rank of number 1 in the hearts of fans, Hoechlin had offered himself beautiful roles in the film The paths of perdition or in the series 7 at home. For superman and lawshe is camping this time, no one other than THE superhero: Clark Kent.

Elizabeth, known as Bitsie, Tulloch plays Lois Lane


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Clark Kent would be nothing without Lois Lane and to camp the young woman, it is Elizabeth Tulloch, known as Bitsie, who sticks to it. If the actress could be seen in several big series for small roles (like Cold Case: Closed Cases), it’s in the show Grimm that the public really discovers her in the guise of Juliette Silverton. Afterwards, she joined the Arrowverse and brought Lois to life in Flash, super girl or Arrow before becoming the star of his own series.

Jordan Elsass plays Jonathan Kent in superman and laws

jordan elsass_superman

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It was at the very young age of 4 that Jordan Elsass began to set foot in the world of cinema. If this name may not mean much to you, it is because the young man has mainly made a career in smaller American productions which have not necessarily crossed the Atlantic. Anyway, lately fans have seen him in the hit signed Hulu, Little Fires Everywhere. For the series ofArrowversehe camps Jon Kent, the son of Clark and Lois!

Alexander Garfin is Jordan Kent


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The childish face of Alexander Garfin means nothing to you? It’s normal, at 18 the young actor started his career recently. We could see it under different caps in the series New York: Special Victims Unit. But for superman and laws, he plays Jordan Kent, Jon’s twin brother. More reserved than the latter, he suffers in particular from social anxiety.

Emmanuelle Chriqui is the iconic Lana Lang


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When we talk about Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, another name comes to mind: Lana Lang! In superman and laws, it is the actress Emmanuelle Chriqui who lends her face. The Canadian actress of Moroccan origin is well known to fans ofSurroundings since she played the role of Sloan there for almost 6 years (a role she took over in the film). Lately, we have also been able to see her in the series Mentalist !

Erik Valdez plays Kyle Cushing on the show


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Impossible that the face of Erik Valdez does not tell you anything. And for good reason, the actor lent his face to the character of Trey Mitchell in the medical series General Hospital. But maybe it’s in Gilmore Girls that you saw it for the first time! He indeed embodied the character of Chad for a few episodes. Change of scenery with the Arrowverse, where he plays Kyle Cushing, Lana Lang’s husband!

India Navarrette is Sarah Cushing


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Sarah Cushing is a pillar in the lives of Lana Lang and Kyle Cushing, since it is one of their daughters! It is Inde Navarrette, a young 21-year-old actress, who plays her. But his face is far from unknown to fans of teen series… The reason? She offered herself a role in the fourth season of 13 Reasons Whythat of Estela de la Cruz!

Dylan Kingwell plays Clark Kent as a child in superman and laws


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We end this little overview with Dylan Kingwell who plays a younger version of Clark Kent. Something that the actor is used to, since we were able to see him in particular in the guise of a young Sam Winchester in supernatural ! But not that, fans have also seen it in The 100 or The Disastrous Adventures of the Baudelaire Orphans ! A CV already well filled for the young actor, only 18 years old.

Superman and Lois: where did you see the actors of the series?