Taylor Swift, Michael Keaton… 15 stars who turned down a leading role in a series

These 15 actors and actresses refused a leading role in a series that could have largely changed their careers. Explanations.

Update: This article: “15 Stars Who Turned Down Starring Roles On A Series” was released on February 21, 2019.

Bella Thorne- Scream

If actress Bella Thorne does appear in the series Scream, adapted from the eponymous saga of Wes Craven, MTV would have liked her to be the star rather than die from the first episode. Indeed, it was she who was to play Emma Duval. However, the actress turned down the role not wanting to move for the show’s filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was finally Willa Fitzgerald who played the heroine, while Bella Thorne played Nina.

Katie Holmes- buffy the vampire slayer

joey potter buffy summers

The character of buffy remains cult for many series enthusiasts and Sarah Michelle Gellar with. However, other actresses have been approached before her for the role of the Slayer, in particular Katie Holmes. This one will become known thanks to the role of Joey in Dawsonbut had refused to embody Buffy, preferring to concentrate on the end of her studies.

Sandra Bernhard and Dana Delany in the series Sex and the City

nancy roseanne miranda hobbes sex and the city

Before the four heroines of Sex and the City were not played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall, other actresses were considered by the production. Sandra Bernhard (Rosanne) refused the role of Miranda judging the script bad: “It just wasn’t good. If it had been a good script, if I had seen potential in it, I would have done it. Even Cynthia Nixon admits it didn’t take until the second or third season.”, she said during an interview with Howard Stern. The actress also admitted to not being a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker…

katherine mayfair carrie bradshaw

Speaking of the latter, it could have been played with Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives) who, however, refused the role because she had just shot in a film called Live Nude Girls and was afraid of being pigeonholed into the role of “party girl”.

Michael Keaton- Lost: The Disappeared

michael keaton jack shephard

Still, Lost is a reference in terms of series, having been a success with fans and critics. But did you know that Michael Keaton turned down the role of Jack Shephard? JJ Abrams had chosen him for this role and at the time his character had to die from the first episode. Finally, the creator of Lost changed his mind and Michael Keaton did not see himself staying in a series: ” I can not. One hour of series each week… I have things to do, I have a life to lead. When can I go fishing? » he confided to Access Hollywood.

Lily Allen- Game Of Thrones

lily allen yara gray joy game of thrones

It was on Reddit that Lily Allen said she was offered the role of Yara Greyjoy in Game Of Thrones. Sister of Alfie Allen, she would have been the perfect candidate to play that of Theon in the series on the condition of accepting an ultra embarrassing scene. “I was uncomfortable because I should have been on horseback and he had to touch me. As soon as they told me what it entailed, I said no thank you”. No one can blame him for that.

Jon Cryer and Vince Vaughn in the series Friends

alan harper chandler bing friends

It’s hard to imagine the characters of Friends played by actors other than the six we know and yet each of them could have been played by someone else. While many actresses auditioned for Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, Jon Cryer was the production’s first choice to play Chandler Bing. However, the star of My uncle Charlie had refused considering himself more as a “serious actor” what a comedy.

vince vaugh joey tribbiani friends

As for the role of Joey Tribbianiit was first offered to Vince Vaughn, who declined the offer preferring to focus on his film career.

John Hawkes- The Walking Dead

the governor the walking dead john hawkes

The Governor is one of the most iconic villains in The Walking Dead, Brilliantly performed by David Morrissey. And yet, it was not the actor who had been chosen at the start, since the role had been offered to John Hawkes (Deadwood). The latter, however, refused, believing that the series was too commercial.

Matthew Broderick and John Cusack in the series breaking Bad

walter white breaking bad

With breaking BadBryan Cranston has demonstrated that he can perform just as well in comedy as with drama series and Walter White has become the very figure of the anti-hero. But all this almost never happened since the production had preferences for Matthew Broderick and John Cusack for this role. Lucky for Bryan Cranston – and the fans – these two actors didn’t want to play an on-screen villain.

Taylor Swift – Scream Queens


© Wikimedia Commons/Fox

Taylor Swift fans almost discovered their favorite pop singer in Ryan Murphy’s series, Scream Queens. The creator ofAmerican Horror Story wanted her to be the star of her new series, but the latter declined the offer, preferring to focus on her music career. The role was then given to Emma Roberts.

Selena Gomez – 13 Reasons Why


© Disney+ / Netflix

Selena Gomez, producer of 13 Reasons Why, was initially also to be the star. Very involved in the project from the start, the former star of Wizards of Waverly Place preferred to stay in the shadows. Indeed, the singer did not want her “celebrity” takes away the focus from what is really important in the series.

Mischa Barton – gossip girl

Untitled collage (14)

Mischa Barton could have gone from the golden youth of Newport Beach to that of New York in the space of a series. The one who played Marissa Cooper had been selected to interpret the it-girl Serena Van Der Woodsen in gossip girl. The actress, however, refused the role, for no apparent reason, giving way to Blake Lively.

Ashley Tisdale- pretty Little Liars

ashley tsidale hannah sailor pll

Before Ashley Benson, another Ashley had been imagined for the role of Hanna Marin in pretty Little Liars. The producers had offered the role to former Sharpay Evans of High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale. But having the choice with another series, Hellcatsthe actress preferred the latter.

Macaulay Culkin in the series The Big Bang Theory

macaulay culkin leonard sheldon tbbt

Little Kevin from Mom I missed the plane ! could well have become one of our favorite geeks of The Big Bang Theory. The sitcom’s producers really wanted Macaulay Culkin to play one of the characters, but the actor really wasn’t thrilled with the show’s pitch. During a interviewhe stated : “the way they told it to me was, ‘ok, they’re two astrophysicist nerds and a pretty girl lives with them. It was the pitch and I said, ‘yeah, I pass. Thanks “. Even today, Macaulay Culkin does not seem to regret his choice.

Taylor Swift, Michael Keaton… 15 stars who turned down a leading role in a series