Télé Start

Omaké Books is creating a surprise by announcing the forthcoming release of Télé Start, the first book entirely dedicated to the history of French television programs on video games. In this book, Nicolas Bonzom traces 40 years of video game broadcasts in France and offers us on a silver platter the unpublished anecdotes of Jean-Michel Blottière, Cyril Drevet, Bertrand Amar, Alex Pilot, Marcus or Sébastien Ruchet. ..

Only a few days after the official release of Generation SEGA volume 2, the publisher Omake Books gratifies us once again with a book that will delight fans of retrogaming culture and the media.

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The publishing house masterfully piloted by Florent Gorges offers us today Tele Startwhich is none other than the first work entirely dedicated to the history of French TV shows on video games ! If you follow us diligently, this book will remind you of another, Presse Start – a book which leaned on its side on 40 years of video game magazines in France. Similarly, the book written by the journalist Nicolas Bonzom makes a complete tour of TV channels entirely dedicated to video games (C:, Game One, No Life…), as well as advertisements and cartoons of the time exploring this theme.

40 years of video game broadcasts in France

If their relationship was tumultuous, television has long offered programs on the news of video games. Or other programs, sometimes a little crazy, like game shows, or cartoons, which were inspired by the video game industry. Of Léo contre tous, Pixifoly, Micro Kid’s, Télévisator 2, Hugo Délire, Of mice and Roms at GameOne and Nolifeto cult commercials and animated adaptations of Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Pokémon, or Rabbidsthis book tells this crazy story, through the unpublished testimonies of those who lived it.

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Jean-Michel Blottière, Cyril Drevet, Patrick Giordano, Bertrand Amar, Patrick Sarréa, Marcus, Fred Moulin, Alex Pilot or Sébastien Ruchet… The author interviewed some sixty hosts, columnists, actors, producers, program directors and channel owners, who tell incredible stories about these cult shows.

The book is intended to be very complete by also highlighting other original programs, sometimes more confidential, from French-speaking countries (Luxembourg, Monaco, etc.). All the actors of the time (Jean-Michel Blottière, Cyril Drevet, Bertrand Amar, Marcus, Fred Moulin…) deliver their memories of these programs, sometimes without concession, often with a lot of humor and especially through a lot of anecdotes.

In the 368 pages (in black and white) of the book, you will learn for example:

  • How did journalist Jean-Michel Blottière succeed in imposing the first TV magazine devoted to video games, Micro Kid’s?
  • How was Cléo, the lovely virtual creature who captivated Canal + viewers, born?
  • How did Nintendo release the rights to Donkey Kong to a French producer?
  • How did Medialab revolutionize the small screen with these computer-generated characters, animated in real time?

The 368-page book (in black and white) is already available for pre-order on the Omake Books website at the price of 24, 90€. It will be officially available September 29, 2022

Télé Start – a book finally retraces 40 years of TV shows dedicated to video games!