The 10 best Netflix movies in Argentina

Among several countries, Netflix has an important market in Argentina. For various movie lovers, it has always been difficult to select a movie that resonates with them from a vast list of movies. The Netflix platform comes up every day, and many movies of different genres come up; choosing the right movie is always a tiresome task, and enjoy them. However, Netflix has launched a feature that suggests the most popular movies to subscribers, making it comparatively easier to watch them.

Various exciting stories from different genres to watch for hours instead of wondering how to download movies from platforms like Facebook; here is the list of some of the most popular movies in Netflix Argentina.

1. The Mummy ⭐7.1/10

During the battle in Egypt, legionnaire Rick O’Connell, together with his partner, finds the city of the dead, the ruins of HamunaPutra. In addition, the discovery allows him to go with an Egyptologist and her brother to the place after saving his life. They soon meet several Americans. All of them feel intimidated by the adventure that has caused the resurrection of the mummy of the diabolical Egyptian priest, who works desperately to recover his beloved.

2. Blood Father ⭐6.4/10

Blood Father

This film is about an ex-military man who tries to reunite with his 16-year-old daughter to protect her, since several traffickers want to kill her. John Link, played by Mel Gibson, is an ex-con who fights to defend her daughter from the drug cartel trying to find her. John must utilize his contacts from his previous life and his talents as an ex-criminal in this spectacular action movie if he is to keep himself and his daughter alive. Michael Parks, Erin Moriarty and William H. Macy also appear in BLOOD FATHER.

3. The Great Wall ⭐5.9/10

The big Wall

During the fifteenth century, two mercenaries, one Spanish and one English, arrive in China in search of the secret of gunpowder. While traveling, they encountered a monstrous creature: When they arrived, they realized that the Great Wall of China was built to save themselves from sinister and dangerous creatures that had attacked other peoples instead of defending themselves against the Mongols.

4. Angry Birds 2: The Movie ⭐6.4/10

Angry Birds 2: The Movie

In this second part, Net, the short-tempered Reading Bird, and his other friends, Bomb, a hyperactive yellow bird, the duck, and the volatile blackbird, return to Fray. Also, the scheming green pigs and main birds will take your conflict to a new level. And during that, Zeta will make an appearance of her; he is an evil new villain who lives on the frozen Island. Zeta will launch an ice ball on the Island where the main birds, our protagonist, will have to face a new threat.

5. Royalteen: The Hierarchy ⭐5.3/10

Royalteen: The Hierarchy

Feelings soon begin to surface between Mathias Storhoi (Prince Karl Johan), Ines Hoyaseter Asserson (newcomer Lena), and Kalle as friends. Lena is delighted but, at the same time, she is quite skeptical for various reasons. Kalle is a prince who loves to party, always in the tabloids and gossip blogs; one of them was from Lena, who posted it anonymously until she discovered it. Lena believes dating the future king could leave her in impossible circumstances, and she doesn’t tell anyone, not even Kalle, a bigger secret than she left her hometown.

6. Two Lives ⭐7.1/10

Two lifes

On the occasion of her university graduation, Natalie’s life takes a turn and forks into two different realities; one in which she becomes pregnant and faces significant challenges as a young mother in her hometown of Texas, and one in which she pursues her career after emigrating to Los Angeles. In both experiences, while she is in the prime of life, she discovers a transforming love and rediscovers herself and her devastating disappointment.

7. Welcome, Home Roscoe Jenkins ⭐5.5/10

Welcome, Home Roscoe Jenkins

In this film, a popular host of the popular small-screen show moves home after leaving Los Angeles to visit his family in the southern state.

8.Day Shift ⭐6.1/10

Day Shift

A woman has one week left to raise funds for her daughters’ classes and dental expenses. But soon, being a vampire hunter for a living becomes a lot more risky.

9. 365 more days ⭐2.7/10

365 more days

Massimo and Laura’s relationship falls off balance as they try to overcome jealousy and trust issues. Meanwhile, to separate them, a tenacious Nacho plays several tricks on them.

10. Spider-Man: Far From Home ⭐7.4/10

Spider-Man: Far From Home

peter parker He decides to go with his friends, including Ned and Michelle Hone, to spend their vacations in Europe after various events of The Avengers: The Endgame. However, Parker has a different plan to put aside all his supernatural powers for a few weeks when he is hired by Nic Fury to team up with a Mysterio (a human from distant planet Earth 833, who had made the first appearance in the movie Doctor Strange). ) to fight against all the elementals that come from the same dimensions and dominate the elements of earth, air, water, fire and nature. And again, Parker puts on his Spiderman suit to accomplish the mission.

Netflix as a streaming application.

Netflix has come a long way and has become quite a famous streaming platform in the last decade. It is one of the most successful and famous OTT platforms compared to other platforms like HBO and Disney+. Netflix started out as a DVD rental service company in 2011. But they soon started offering a streaming catalog for the Caribbean and Latin America. A year later, they decided to make the leap to other countries such as Europe and Asia.

How is the Teleparty or Netflix party done?

In recent times, Teleparty or Netflix party has become quite famous and is one of the most used applications that have provided an advantage to this streaming platform. It has allowed users to view the content together with their family mates or friends while they are not in the same space. This feature is available as a Google extension, allowing you to watch movies simultaneously and a chat feature to share real-time feedback while watching.

Netflix does not officially build this tool, so to access this feature, users have to go to the Telepathy page and install it as an extension in the Google Chrome browser. Once installed, users can go to this extension, open their account to stream whatever they want to watch, and click on the NP (Netflix party icon), which will create a link to share with their friends or anyone with what a viewer wants to see.

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The 10 best Netflix movies in Argentina