The 10 Most Underrated Nicolas Cage Roles Of All Time

Regardless of the inconsistency of his filmography, Nicholas Cage is undoubtedly a Hollywood legend. He has been acting in films for over 40 years and has appeared in every genre under the sun. Even when the movie he’s in isn’t perfect, Cage still commits 100% to every role he plays, which means his filmography is a lot of fun to explore (or sometimes endure).

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With over 100 acting credits since the early 1980s, there are many underrated gems in Nicolas Cage’s oeuvre. Beyond beloved classics like Front/Off, Leaving Las Vegas, Kick ass, The rockand national treasure (to name a few), there are countless lesser-known Cage movies worth watching.

“Daughter of the Valley” (1983)

valley girl is a romantic comedy for teenagers where it is almost impossible to distinguish the actors who play the parents from those who play the children. Once you get the hang of it, it ends up being a surprisingly funny and easy-to-watch comedy, and it’s fantastic to see a baby-faced Nicolas Cage start chewing up landscapes, foreshadowing how he’d end up the devour in the years to come.

It certainly feels like a product of its time, but given that 1980s nostalgia has been popular for years, that shouldn’t turn it off too much. It captures the era in a wacky and very enjoyable way and also has a fantastic soundtrack filled with 80s hits, some popular and some more offbeat.

‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans’ (2009)

Werner Herzog is a filmmaker well known for directing feature films and documentaries. Whatever the format, he always brings his unique vision to the various non-fiction and fiction stories he tackles, resulting in often unusual and offbeat films.

This led to Herzog teaming up with Nicolas Cage to The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans a match made in heaven. With unexpected decisions made both in front of and behind the camera, this is a police procedural like no other, being a darkly funny look at an unhinged detective who will do whatever it takes to solve the gruesome murder case he was assigned to.

‘Pig’ (2021)

Whereas Pig may look like another over-the-top Nicolas Cage movie on paper, it’s anything but. It casts a solemn, grounded gaze on its central character, who lives a solitary life in a cabin with her prized foraging pig. He is thrust back into a world he left behind when the pig was stolen, and he sets out to find who took it and why.

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It received a decent amount of love from critics upon release, but Pig is still underrated as it was overlooked in the 2021 awards season. It’s one of Cage’s best performances, and he brings a quiet intensity to the role, ensuring this simple story becomes a compelling character study. . Anyone who thinks Cage is just an over the top actor who isn’t capable of excelling in quieter, restrained roles needs to see Pig.

“Kiss of a Vampire” (1988)

At the opposite end of the Cage spectrum, compared to Pigis vampire kiss. It was one of the first movies where Cage could go completely wild in a lead role, and as a result, vampire kiss presents one of his most entertaining performances.

The plot concerns a successful young man, driven to the brink by the thought that he may have been turned into a vampire. Think American psycho, but with a potential vampire instead of a potential serial killer. While the film around Cage isn’t much to write home about, the performance at its center is excellent and is the reason to watch this somewhat forgettable comedy from the late 1980s.

“Mom and Dad” (2017)

It’s not easy to take a bizarre concept and do it in a way that’s both tense and fun, but Mom and dad shoot it pretty well. Make no mistake, though: the plot is very silly, as it involves a suburban community where parents are suddenly overwhelmed with violent urges to murder their offspring.

Nicolas Cage engages with gleeful intensity in the role, elevating the material considerably. It’s certainly not a great movie – and there are certainly better horror comedies out there – but it’s better than its reputation suggests, which means it deserves to be ranked among the other underrated movies. estimates of Cage.

“Red Rock West” (1993)

western red rock is an excellent modern film noir, centering on a young man caught up in a complex romance and murder plot involving large sums of money and a ruthless hitman. Surprisingly, Cage is quite restrained here, and that’s Denis Hopper– in a supporting role – who devours the most scenery.

Still, Hopper was one of the best when it came to over-the-top performances, so maybe it was wise for Cage to take a step back from the scenes they share together. After all, Cage usually gives the craziest performance in most movies he appears in, so it’s oddly refreshing to see him excel in a film where another cast member is louder and more eccentric than him.

“Bringing Out the Dead” (1999)

Bring out the dead is an underrated Martin Scorsese movie and an underrated Nicolas Cage movie. This is the only time the two have teamed up for a feature film. This one is a psychological thriller about an overworked and constantly tired paramedic and all the strange encounters he has while driving an ambulance in Manhattan.

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Intense psychological character studies don’t get much more taxing and relentless than Bring out the dead, which means it’s not a film for every mood (nor for every viewer). But it’s fantastic to see a great director like Scorsese working with a great actor like Cage, and the results are undoubtedly memorable.

“Trust” (2016)

It’s well established that the 2010s were a prolific but inconsistent period in Nicolas Cage’s career. He starred in numerous films throughout the decade, many of which went straight to DVD or streaming. All in all, most of the movies he was in at that time weren’t great.

However, digging through the pile of Cage films from the decade will inevitably reveal a few decent ones, including Trust. It’s not a fantasy movie, but it’s an entertaining, well-made movie, starring Cage and Elijah Wood working well with each other in this story about a risky heist and its dramatic fallout. It may not be surprising or unique, but it’s pretty good and certainly better than many other Nicolas Cage films released around the same time.

‘Army of One’ (2016)

Inspired by a very strange true story, Army of one is about a man who receives a message from God (played by Russell Brand) telling him to go to Afghanistan and capture Osama Bin Laden. And that’s exactly what this man, played by Cage, does.

The film then recounts this absurd (and ultimately fruitless) adventure. Unsurprisingly, it was directed by the same director who made Borat (Larry Charles) and feels similar, thanks to its story of a man traveling to another country and being a fish out of water. It’s not as clever or always funny as Borat, but there are laughs to be had… do your best to ignore the jokes that don’t land. And, if all else fails, focus on Cage giving another wonderfully eccentric performance.

“Honeymoon in Vegas” (1992)

Honeymoon in Vegas is a weird and somewhat forgotten romantic comedy that doesn’t deserve to languish in obscurity. It’s about a young couple who travel to Las Vegas to get married, but complications arise when the man (played by Cage) racks up a $65,000 debt playing poker with a professional gambler.

The narrative eventually turns absurd, with a serious suspension of disbelief needed to appreciate the bizarre areas in which the story unfolds. But at the end of the day, it’s a fun movie; it has a more exciting and unusual energy than your average romance movie, and Cage flexing his comedic chops in light, goofy comedy is always fun to watch.

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