The 15 Best Vampire Movies for a Chilling Movie Night

Want to shiver and watch movies featuring vampires? This list brings together the 15 best vampire films according to our team.

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1. Dawn of the Survivors (Daybreakers) — 2010

Ten years after an epidemic turned the world’s population into vampires, a critical shortage of blood is causing panic and horrifying changes within the survivor community.

Edward, a vampire hematologist is trying to create surrogate blood when he meets Lionel and Audrey, two fugitive humans who claim to have a supposed cure for vampirism. Edward unites with Lionel and Audrey in hopes of improving the cure before it’s too late.

2. Lost Generation (The Lost Boys) — 1987

Two teenage brothers, Michael and Sam, move in with their mother in a small town in northern California. While Sam meets Edgar and Alan, two comic book-loving souls, the boisterous Michael falls in love with Star, who turns out to be the slave of David, the leader of a local vampire group. . Sam and his new friends will try everything to save Michael and Star from the living dead.

3. Dracula, dead and happy to be (Dracula: Dead and Loving It) — 1995

At the end of the 19th century, a London attorney, Thomas Renfield, travels to Transylvania to settle the purchase of a property by Count Dracula. The contract signed, he hypnotizes Renfield and makes him his slave. Soon after, he traveled to England to take possession of his new estate.

Once installed, Dracula, who frequents high society, meets Doctor Seward, who runs an asylum. The count does not resist it for long and attacks Lucie, the young girl of the house.

4. Interview with a Vampire (Interview with the Vampire) — 1994

San Francisco in the 90s. A young journalist, Malloy, talks in a room with an elegant man, with an aristocratic look and a pale face, Louis, who tells him some very strange secrets. Malloy, subjugated by the seduction of his interlocutor asks him, at dawn, to make him enter his world, that of the vampires.

5. Blade—1998

Blade Eric is neither a man nor a vampire, but a hybrid of Good and Evil, and has been since the day of his birth, when his mother was bitten and died there. Immortal, Blade retained the strength of vampires, while eliminating their weaknesses. With the help of his friend Abraham Whistler, he has been trying for a long time to find the person who caused the loss of his mother.

6. 30 days of night (30 Days Of Night) — 2007

The small, remote town of Barrow, Alaska, at the far northern hemisphere, is plunged into complete darkness every year for a month. As the majority of the inhabitants leave south, a group of mysterious strangers arrives: a horde of vampires who intend to feed without fearing the sun.

As the night drags on Sheriff Eben, his wife Stella and an ever-shrinking group of survivors do whatever they can to last until the next ray of sunshine.

7. Queen of the Damned — 2002

A legendary vampire, Lestat decides to improvise as a rock star. Her music awakens Akasha, the queen of all vampires, whose evil power is so strong that all immortal vampires must join forces against her if they are to survive.

As Lestat’s music inspires Akasha to make him her king, a young woman fascinated by the macabre, Jesse, falls in love with Lestat.

8. Morse (Let the Right One In) — 2002

On a vigorous winter evening, Oskar, a schoolboy persecuted by his classmates, meets Eli, a young neighbor apparently insensitive to the cold, newly installed in his HLM.

Their respective solitudes unite them immediately. Insightful Eli, who only goes out at night, offers his friend some advice on how he should retaliate against his attackers.

In return, Oskar teaches him the Morse alphabet in order to be able to communicate through the partition which separates their apartments. But while the boy discovers an unsuspected courage, Eli’s stomach growls dangerously. In need of human blood.

9. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) — 2012

Since he saw his mother die, Abraham Lincoln seeks only revenge, but the assassin would in fact be a vampire. Thanks to the special training of the mysterious Henry, Abraham decides to fight these beings of the night who drink blood.

Along with this mission, the young lawyer becomes fond of Mary Lincoln, and in order to defend his black friend Will who suffers from racism, he goes into politics. The fight will be long and arduous, but nothing is impossible. Especially since the Battle of Gettysburg will decide the fate of the nation.

10. A Vampire in Brooklyn (Vampire in Brooklyn) — 1995

Rita Veder, a policewoman, sees her world turned upside down by the arrival of Maximillian, who tries to make her his companion for eternity. Kadeem Hardison, the vampire’s servant, has the annoying habit of losing a hand here, an ear there, as he decomposes.

New blood has been flowing through Brooklyn’s arteries since the city became a haven for vampires.

11. This is my blood (Thirst) — 2009

Infected with a deadly virus, a priest named Sang-hyun transforms into a vampire after being transfused with blood of unknown origin. He finds himself with an intense thirst for blood and sex.

As he develops a relationship with an unhappy woman in his marriage, he finds himself torn between his new identity and his old faith.

12. The Twilight film series — From 2009

The main series tells the story of Bella Swan, a human, and the love triangle she forms with the vampire Edward Cullen and the shapeshifter Jacob Black, his best friend, who transforms into a giant wolf, symbol of his tribe of Native Americans.

13. Dracula after Bram Stoker (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) —1992

In 1492, Prince Vlad Dracul, returning from fighting the Turkish armies, found his fiancée committed suicide. Crazy with pain, he defies God, and becomes Count Dracula, a vampire by trade.

Four hundred years later, wanting to leave Transylvania to settle in England, he called on Jonathan Harker, notary’s clerk and fiancé of the pretty Mina Murray. The young girl is the look-alike of Elisabeth, the count’s ancestral love.

14. Vampire, did you say Vampire? (FrightNight) — 2011

Since deciding to become an adult, Charley Brewster has led a tidy life alongside his mother Jane and his girlfriend Amy. One day, an old friend named Ed insists on talking to him to tell him a disconcerting secret: Jerry, Charley’s new neighbor, is actually a vampire.

At first amused by this startling revelation, Charley begins to have doubts when he notices Ed’s disappearance, just a few days after he confided his suspicions to her.

Because he wants to get this crazy idea out of his head, Charley begins to take an interest in his neighbor’s actions. Quickly, he realizes that Jerry is indeed a vampire… But how to warn the others?

15. Van Helsing—2004

In the heart of the Carpathians, there is a world of legends and mysteries: Transylvania… A land where evil reigns supreme, where danger lurks as soon as the sun goes down, where the monsters that haunt our nightmares take shape. more secret.

Van Helsing is a dark teacher and monster hunter. His mission leads him to face terrible beings, including the werewolf, Frankenstein’s creature or even Count Dracula, who for generations has persecuted the family of the intrepid and aristocratic Anna Valerious.

The 15 Best Vampire Movies for a Chilling Movie Night