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Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale tried out for a role on Twilight, and not getting the part didn’t stop her from trying again on New Moon.

Lucy Hale missed out on a role in the Twilight Saga, but that didn’t stop the future star from re-auditioning and missing out a second time. Blockbuster history is littered with bizarre near misses when it comes to potential casting decisions. Alicia Silverstone was almost a Bond girl, Sting could have played Kyle Reese from The Terminator, and Lucy Hale almost starred in Twilight.

However, what’s interesting about Hale’s failure to land a role in the 2008 film adaptation of Twilight is that it didn’t deter the actor from auditioning for the Twilight sequel. only a year later. Lucy Hale originally auditioned to play a member of Edward Cullen’s vampire clan but, when she missed out on the role of Alice Hale, the fearless actor auditioned again for the role of one of the villains – at know the role of Jane – in the movie New Moon. Hale also missed that part, but the actor’s undeniable tenacity was eventually rewarded with a starring role in Pretty Little Liars the following year.

Why Lucy Hale Auditioned Twilight Twice

Lucy Hale’s interest in playing one of the Cullen family members from the Twilight saga was understandable since Twilight was to be a huge hit and this role would have seen her appear in every film in the four-movie saga. However, when Ashley Greene landed the role of Alice Hale in Twilight, Hale then auditioned for the role of Volturi’s villainous Jane in New Moon. She lost that role to Dakota Fanning, but once again it’s easy to see why Hale chose the part when she missed Alice a year earlier. Jane was radically different from Alice Hale and the role has scene-stealing potential, as proven by Fanning’s memorable turn in the role.

Hale’s choice to return after missing his first run in the Twilight Saga proves just how popular the franchise was at the height of its success. Although the series hasn’t aged very well, the Twilight releases were the most financially successful vampire films ever made upon release, which is why Hale was so eager to get a piece of the action. Although she missed out on both roles, Hale went on to headline many hit films like Truth or Dare and starred in the hugely successful Pretty Little Liars on the small screen. Oddly, however, that wasn’t the end of his connection to the Twilight movies.

Lucy Hale’s Strange Twilight Connection

Although Hale didn’t appear in any of the Twilight movies she auditioned for, she ended up trying out another role related to the show. Hale had a “mortifying” audition for the El James adaptation 50 Shades of Grey, which was itself based on a book series that was originally a work of Twilight fan fiction. Hale also missed out on the role of Anastasia Steele though, since 50 Shades of Gray got even worse reviews than the particularly critical reviews of the Twilight movies, it might not have been the worst thing for her career there. ‘screen. However, that meant Hale ended up shooting her picture for not one, not two, but three Twilight Saga-related movies.

The 2 roles of Twilight missed by Lucy Hale | Pretty Reel