The 5 Best Films of José Elías Moreno

The Mexican actor José Elías Moreno was born on November 12, 1910, recognized as a great participant in the golden cinema of national cinema as a supporting actor.

He participated in theater and zarzuela and was the protagonist of the birth of sound films, working at the time with the best actors and actresses of his time such as Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Cantinflas, Sara García and Dolores del Río.

This good actor died on July 15, 1969, due to a car accident. We will have to remember him with five of his best films.


Curious horror film starring José Elías Moreno and Carlos López Moctezuma, which recounts how a doctor tries to save the life of his son, through a heart transplant, having a gorilla as a donor. Classic Mexican series B movie, really crappy, which therefore appeals to those interested in this genre, highlighting the performance of Elías Moreno. In its time it caused too much controversy due to certain scenes that for the conservative Mexican society could seem grotesque and/or risqué, an element for which it has gained “cult” followers over time.


In this classic Mexican film starring Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, José Elías Moreno appears in a supporting role, as a general who is the father of a girl engaged to Jorge Negrete. Even when his participation is small, he becomes transcendental for the development of the film, giving his character a lot of grace. A story of romance and heartbreak that began to crack the myth of the Mexican “macho”, in a sub tangent of female empowerment that left these two “sombrerudos” very badly (in a hilarious and tasty way with those songs). Its musical sequences are excellently acted and photographed by Figueroa.


Film with an international cast with the participation of American actors Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens and nationals David Reinoso and José Elías Moreno himself. The film tells the story of some workers who work on a highway and who are preparing to celebrate a party in the company of a group of prostitutes who are staying at the house of the town’s Doctor. The event is interrupted when one of the workers is affected by evil (rage), played precisely by José Elías Moreno, with little participation, but enough to show his acting ability.


Film that narrates the vicissitudes of a group of workers who build the train track in the Sonora desert who suffer the consequences of isolation. This wind of misfortunes means more than a powerful drama as surreal as its progression of actions and tragedies, not suitable for sensitive and/or emotional hearts. A watershed in Mexican cinema, bordering on the adventure genre and moving away from melodrama due to its disturbing load of tension and suspense, thanks to a string of legendary tragedies in national cinema. Another great supporting performance by José Elías Moreno as Lorenzo Montes, one of the workers in this story, which is a classic of Mexican cinema.


Based on the story Charles Perrault, it takes the story to the Mexican province, where José Elías Moreno stars as the evil Ogre from whom Tom Thumb tries to escape. Amusing adaptation of the original story, which shows the versatility of this great supporting actor, who would perform as well as in adult comedy, seedy cinema and drama, in some of the most remembered children’s classics of Mexican cinema, and which were underpinned by cult and knowledge during a media stage of projection on television in the 90s, also being remembered by the “millennial” generation, shortly before the irruption of the internet and globality


Cardona, Cesáreo Quezada and José Elías Moreno meet again in this film, in which the actor assumes the role of Santa Claus who fights against terrible beings. In his presentation at the Morelia Festival, director Quentin Tarantino jokingly expressed that the films that were screened in his country attracted attention, especially those about vampires, “but the most terrible were the children’s films with Santa Claus fighting monsters and other beasts”. A classic of Mexican Christmas television and cinema, Elías Moreno (Who does not remember him as Santa?) would become part of the pop culture of our country


A film that can be described as a Manichaean and populist melodrama, very much in keeping with the ideology of the governments of the time, which is saved by the great performance of José Elías Moreno. In the role of an old and committed rural teacher who has to deal with some students who do not understand the work of his teacher and make fun of him, José Elías Moreno offers us a memorable performance in one of the few leading roles in the. It was awarded the Perla del Cantábrico award for the best Spanish-language feature film at the San Sebastian Festival in its eighth edition. Undoubtedly his best performance at least as a leading and dramatic

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The 5 Best Films of José Elías Moreno