The Bad Seed Mediaset Italia 2 film: plot, cast, final

An angelic-looking girl commits a series of crimes. Her father realizes that something evil is hiding in her.

Today Mediaset Italy 2 offers the film in prime time The Bad Seed. The US thriller film, with horror atmospheres, is dated 2018. The duration is one hour and 27 minutes. The film is based onnovel of the same name of 1954 of William March.

The Bad Seed: direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Rob Lowe who is also one of the protagonists of the film. In fact, he plays David while Mckenna Grace is Emma. Marci T. House and Lorne Cardinal instead they are respectively Mrs. Ellis and Brian.

The film was shot entirely in Canada. In fact, the shooting took place in Vancouver.

The music I’m from Leanna Primiani while Barbara Marshall took care of the film script. Eric L. Beason he took care of the editing. Peter Menzies Jr. she took care of the photography instead.

The film is produced by Loweprofile in collaboration with The Wolper Organization, Warner Bros. Television and Warner Horizon Unscripted Television. The Bad Seed is distributed by Lifetime Television.

The bad seed film where it is shot

The Bad Seed: plot of the film broadcast on Mediaset Italia 2

The protagonist is the little Emma who lives alone with her father David following death of the mother which occurred years before a due to a disease. After the death of his wife, David no longer wants to have serious relationships but prefers to stop at adventures. L’the only stable female presence in the family it’s Angela, David’s sister.

Meanwhile Emma wants get the medal at all costs offered by the school for the pupil who is best able to embody the virtues that the institute proposes. To succeed in the enterprise is willing to do also of serious actions. In fact, he will go so far as to provoke some accidents in which she will try to become the heroine of the situation.

Meanwhile David hires young Chloe as a babysitter. But between her and Emma there doesn’t seem to be at all tuning and the little girl takes advantage of it for blackmail her when he catches her stealing pills from her father.

Final spoiler

When Emma he discovers it was his Milo schoolmate to win the medal, ponder his revenge. With an excuse she invites the peer to reach the cliff and then throw it into the sea. Chloe soon realizes that Emma is responsible for the murder and with the passage of time his too teacher starts to harbor suspicions.

Emma decides to settle down a wasp’s nest in the car of the teacher and locks Chloe in her father’s laboratory.

After all these events David who previously defended his daughterchooses to distance yourself. Emma who can no longer count on him as an accomplice tries several times to kill him.

But David manages to survive and realizes that there is only one solution to put an end to everything: kill the daughter.

The bad seed final film

The Bad Seed: the full cast of the film

Below is the full cast of the film The Bad Seed and the related characters played by the actors:

  • Rob Lowe: David
  • Mckenna Grace: Emma
  • Sarah Dugdale: Chloe
  • Marci T. House: Mrs. Ellis
  • Lorne Cardinal: Brian
  • Chris Shields: Sheriff Peterson
  • Dear Buono: Angela
  • Patty McCormack: Dr. March
  • Shauna Johannesen: Maggie Curtis
  • Luke Roessler: Milo
  • Robert Egger: Mr. Curtis
  • John Emmet Tracy: Mark Wiggins
  • Kate Craven: Leslie
  • Carly Bentall: David’s wife
  • Lucas Steagall: Kyle

The Bad Seed Mediaset Italia 2 film: plot, cast, final