The best horror movies according to Rotten Tomatoes available to stream

Hold on because if you are a lover of horror movies, this list of the best available in streaming is made for you.

if you don’t know what horror movies See, we’ve got you covered with the best of the best on Netflix in Mexico, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Do you want to have a horror movie night at home but don’t know what to watch? If you don’t want to repeat the same old ones and you want to be pleasantly surprised, you have to check out our selection of horror movies available on streaming, all approved by the film and television critic site Rotten Tomatoes.

Our love for horror movies

Year after year hundreds of horror films are released on film and television, many of them inspired by urban legends, real cases or rational and irrational fears that we have as an audience; however, there are always some better than others. That is why we sometimes depend on reviews to guide us through the enormous maze created by the rows and rows of horror films that surround us. Websites like Rotten Tomatoes light the way for us with their reviews from film critics and ordinary moviegoers: here we leave you a selection of the best horror movies, according to this platform, that are available on Netflix Mexico.

His House

This film not only offers us great scares, but also a powerful social critique. His House tells the story of a refugee couple who must escape from southern Sudan to later live honorable experiences in an English town where it seems that evil is after them.

Qualification: 100%

creepy 2

We cannot stop recommending this film gem. The sequel to creep, an uncomfortable film recorded on a low budget, but with a great script and better performances, brings us into the world of a complex and sinister apparent serial killer. We don’t want to tell you too much about the plot to keep spoilers out, but we promise you it’s worth it.

Qualification: 100%

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Under the Shadow

Another of the horror movies with a social theme is under the shadow. The film tells the story of a mother who lives in the context of the war between Iran and Iraq. After a missile hits her building, Shideh believes that her daughter has been possessed by a supernatural force. You will spend 90 minutes of despair and horror in the context of motherhood and war.

Qualification: 99%


A true movie classic Shark It is about a coastal town immersed in the horror caused by a murderous creature that stalks its beach, crucial for the subsistence of the entire population. It is then that a group of men prepare to marry him without knowing what awaits them.

Qualification: 97%

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The Old Ways

In the heart of the Veracruz jungle, a reporter is kidnapped by a witch who assures her that she is possessed. Do not get carried away by what seems to be another movie about demonic possession, this one is deep and terrifying like few others.

Qualification: 95%


This thriller will give you goosebumps while mesmerizing you with its techno and vibrant color palette. cam tells the story of a camgirl to which a stranger begins to impersonate her identity. Horror in Internet times.

Qualification: 93%


This home invasion genre film tells the story of a young silent writer who is stalked by a murderer in her own house in the middle of the forest. Directed by the creator of The Haunting of Hill HouseMike Flanagan hush it’s terrifying and cool.

Qualification: 93%

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Gerald’s Game

A marriage has a tragic end when during bed play the wife accidentally kills her husband. Tied to the head, she has no way to escape and her mind begins to play dirty with visions and voices. Another excellent Mike Flanagan movie.

Qualification: 91%


This adaptation of Stephen King’s novel places us on an American ranch where a man decides to kill his wife for money. However, his plan spirals out of control and horror follows him wherever he goes.

Qualification: 91%

Vampires vs The Bronx

Funny, political and creepy. Vampires vs The Bronx tells us about gentrification, poverty and abuse, all told through the fantastical device of vampires as evil businessmen. A true gem of recent years.

Qualification: 90%

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The best horror movies according to Rotten Tomatoes available to stream