The best horror movies directed by women

Many of the most emblematic titles of the horror movies contemporary have been directed by women, and, although there is greater awareness of giving voice to authorship and its relevance in the work, this has not always been the case. The animal cemetery (the noventera, not the remake) is one of the examples of one of the great adaptations of literature to cinema and came from the hand of Mary Lambert in 1989, but there are many more. Now titles like ‘piggy’from the Spanish Charlotte Pereda or the films of the French Julia Ducournau with his ‘Raw’ they sweep festivals like Sitges. Other movies, like ‘Badadook’ (Jennifer Kent) can take your breath away for a long time before going to sleep and they were very well received and reached as a result of the popularization of streaming platforms.

If something characterizes Halloween are the meetings with friends and friends to see a good movie Horror. Why not enjoy this year one of these titles of the cinema scary? Here are just a few good movies (there are many more) that you can enjoy at home this holiday.

1. The Animal Graveyard (Mary Lambert, 1989)

If your hobby is this genre and you were born before or during the nineties, you most likely recognize the image of an evil “zombie” cat rising from the world of the dead to behave with his family as “good” as that friend’s cat does. carry with you when you have to take care of him. In addition to the little animals, this adaptation of the novel by Stephen King Its great character is a child and a desperate father. In addition, its review is highly recommended if the special effects of yesteryear are curious (or even funny). A classic with a large number of scenes that remain in the memory of lovers of the genre.

2. The Badabook (Jennifer Kent, 2014)

Kent wrote and directed this movie to make you want to stop reading stories to your kids. The director treats lonely parenting by a widow, Amalia, whose son has a special fascination for magic tricks and stories. One day, the boy asks his mother to read to him Mr Badabook and everything seems to go wrong. The guilt, doubts and fear They stalk the protagonist when she begins to doubt that the strange events lurking at home are the product of her son’s imagination.

3. Raw (Julia Ducournau, 2016)

Ducournau he put Sitges in his pocket when he presented this film of surprising and, at times, more than repulsive scenes filmed at the same time with a good taste that is difficult for anyone who is not used to blood to fit in. An essential if instead of ghosts you are more than Cronenberg and the offal. A young student, from a vegetarian family, enters the veterinary school without knowing that her whole life will take a most unexpected turn.

4. The Invitation (Karyn Kusama, 2015)

You have met your friends to spend a pleasant eve of All Saints, prepare delicious recipes in the form of better or worse trompe l’oeil and watch a movie that has no ghosts, no university veganism mixed with the purest gore, no children and imaginary monsters (we already know that, if it comes to deciding on a horror film group terror, the process can be long and tedious). Maybe this Kusama movie is the right one if receive a notification from an ex disappeared seems less scary to you than the previous options. Can’t say much more.

5. Relic (Natalie Erika James, 2020)

On the subject of care This film revolves around elements that are very typical of horror films, such as the haunted house or dementia as a kind of “door to another side”. The plot of the film crosses these two aspects and masterfully connects with the dramatic genre, that form that has the terror of connecting us with human reality. The step of weather and how it leaves a mark on the body it is just one of many topics he covers in great depth.

6. A girl comes home alone at night (Ana Lily Amirpour, 2014)

“Let me know when you get home”, “we’ll let each other know by the group when we get home”, “I’ll walk you to the stop”… It is not necessary to give many more explanations to phrases that we all know. Ana Lili Amirpour presented this film a few years ago set in iran and that mixes this terror (so unfortunately everyday for women) with a vampire story, giving us surprising images full of originality.

Amirpour’s is, without a doubt, one of the “must” that you have to enjoy whether you like it or not. horror movies.

The best horror movies directed by women