The Best Movies to Watch in Transport

Train, plane, bus or metro: public transport is now an integral part of our daily lives. So, rather than messing up the data envelope of his non-binding package wandering aimlessly on social networks, why not take the time spent on public transport to discover films? Here is a small selection of 4 short films that are perfectly suited to a journey of an hour or more.

The American class

La Classe Américaine is a French TV movie, but don’t run right away!
Here, nothing to do with Joséphine Ange Gardien. The American Class is a comic work
particular, because it is only composed of extracts from old films, reassembled
together to create a brand new feature film. Michel Hazanavicius, director
genius behind OSS 117, realizes here a real irreverent tribute to cinema
Hollywood classic.

At the bend of extracts from Western, redubbed for the occasion by the French dubbers
original and connected to other iconic film scenes, journalists are
charged with investigating the death of Georges Abitbol, ​​the classiest man in the world,
whose last words (“shit world!”) remain very mysterious.

In this absurd pastiche which cleverly diverts cinema, John Wayne crosses paths with Robert
Redford, Dustin Hoffman and Paul Newman, all united in the same investigation by the
editing magic. A real UFO of the French audiovisual landscape, short (only
1h10) which promises to provide you with an unlimited supply of quotations to be taken out at any
what an occasion.

This is Spinal Tap

Do you like The Office? Then you’ll love Spinal Tap! Here, we continue in the pastiche
and comedy: this 1984 film, directed by Rob Reiner, is a mockumentary (or
mockumentary) following the career of a fictional British hard rock band in the
80s: Spinal Tap. Chaining improvised interviews, references to the world of
music and rock, fake concerts and whims of stars, the film imposes itself as a real
comic masterpiece, which over time has become an essential cult object. Nothing is to
to throw !

We follow the setbacks of the group and its members, each one crazier than the other, its artistic spats and their national tour which turns into disaster. The work is sprinkled with a very particular English humor, which is reminiscent of the style of
Monthy Python, and is punctuated with anthology scenes (one thinks in particular of the famous
guitar amp that goes up to 11) Icing on the cake: the film lasts only 1h24, the time
a train journey or a long public transport journey.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Here is now a film that will suit young and old alike. You have
kids to take care of and you’re tired of watching the same 3 Disney movies over and over?
Then Fantastic Mr. Fox welcomes you with open arms. In this 2009 feature film, adapted
of a novel, two worlds collide: the fantastic and dreamy world of Roald Dahl,
children’s author, and the colorful and melancholy one of the visionary director Wes
Anderson (Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, The Tenenbaum Family, Isle of Dogs, etc.).

Result: a truly comfortable, soft and welcoming film. What better way to take care
during a trip? If the film only lasts a short 27 hours, that does not prevent it from being
filled with delirious adventures and a very fine humor. This modern tale relates
the story of Mr. Fox, his family and the animals of the forest struggling with three
hateful farmers who try to drive them out of their homes.

On screen, a whole gaggle of famous actors lend their voices to forest animals animated in stop motion: we find Meryl Streep, Georges Clooney or Bill Murray. A short and intense adventure that can be devoured at any age, to discover or rediscover with immense pleasure.

What We Do in the Shadows

We end with another mockumentary, this genre that borrows the codes of the documentary to divert them for a comic purpose. In this film, there is no question of life in the office or of a rock band: What We Do in the Shadows invites you to follow the adventures of a group of vampires. Behind the camera of this 2014 comedy feature, we find Taika Waititi: while he had fun emasculating the heroic figure in Thor Ragnarok and ridiculing Hitler in Jojo Rabbit, the director takes pleasure here in deconstructing the myth of the vampire.

Through a gallery of colorful characters, Waititi has a field day in
imagining the daily life of these creatures of the night in the 21st century. If any of the vampires
taciturn has sunk into depression since meeting “The Beast”, the other, clumsy and endearing, desperately seeks to find love. This feature film is full of ideas, and every minute transpires from the pleasure that the actors and the director take in offering this modern and absurd reinterpretation of the myth of the vampire. The film was so popular that it was entitled to a TV series adaptation a few years later. A pure guilty pleasure with the appearance of delirium between friends, without pretension and without great ambitions. Last argument; it only lasts 1h26, so you won’t have time to get bored watching this little nugget!

The Best Movies to Watch in Transport