The best vampire movies

We review what they are best vampire movies of the history of cinema. And we already warned you that it is a complicated list because there is everything and different ways of understanding the vampire phenomenon. Now let’s talk about black comedy, now about gothic drama, going through another type of approach that goes from pure and simple offal to science fiction. And if we go into the dark story or the parody, we don’t even have to start.

Bearing this last idea in mind, and the different approaches to the vampire myth in movies, we have again collated a varied and colorful list with 10 movies of this subgenre of horror, in which the blood-drinking undead are the main attraction. Many of them, as you will discover, are either classics or cult films. But what do you want us to tell you? We are into mythomania and fetishism. Especially when there are fangs and stakes involved.

By the way, let us not forget. Before you put your hands to your head. This is not a ranking. No one here pretends to say which is better than which. We’ve just placed them in a random order. As we always tell you: In the end, the best will be the one you like the most.

1. Dracula, by Bram Stoker

Francis Ford Coppola surprised in 1992 with his own version of Bram Stoker’s novel, made with a luxury cast led by Gary Oldman (batmanbegins, The mole), Anthony Hopkins (Westworld, The silence of the lambs) Y Winona Ryder (Bitelchus, stranger things). The Dracula, Bram Stoker by Coppola presents a romantic and sensual version of the myth of Dracula, narrating an immortal and impossible love story rather than a usual monster story. Due to the breath of fresh air that it meant for the stories of the Transylvanian count, each one more outdated depending on its version over the years, this adaptation was welcomed as one of the most careful and respectful versions with the historical character and literary.

2. Hidden Youth

Kiefer Sutherland (24), Jason Patrick (narc), Corey Haim (Crank: High voltage) and Corey Feldman (You shall not kill… the neighbor) star The LostBoysor as we knew it in Spain, Hidden Youth. This movie released in 1987 is literally a teen vampire movie set in California. But before you start misthinking and expecting vampires shining in the sunlight. In fact, the plot revolves around the two main brothers, having to deal with David (Shutherland) who stands out in the role of biker and vampire “boss”. It’s one of those eighties movies, with a certain light-hearted touch that, honestly, we wouldn’t mind seeing again. Especially for its ending, which plays with one of the great tropes of the genre. Who is actually the head vampire?

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

3. Nosferatu (1922)

According to the brothers-in-law of the cinephile sector, there is no vampire cinema after this film. Without giving them the reason we are going to say that the Nosferatu de Murnau is what it is, and can be considered a key work of the genre and a huge film for its time. We are facing a black and white tape, silent and 91 minutes long. Something that although in its time was “normal” today the average public will not stand. Of course, it is very worth seeing, since it shows how great the German directors of the beginning of the century were and how much the industry owes them.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

Also, as a curiosity, we tell you that it is a “pseudo-plagiarism” of the Dracula story, with names changed so that Stoker’s family would not crack the studio due to rights issues. The story is basically the same, with the ending somewhat altered, as are the setting and chronology. Instead of Victorian England, we are in the Germany of 1938. And the Earl Orlock of this work, instead of being a refined and seductive monster of the provinces, he is little less than a deformed beast. Even so, look, it gave for modern remakes that are not insignificant and very serious.

4. Let me in

We refer to the one from 2008, the Swedish original, not the 2010 North American remake, against which we have nothing despite preferring the primitive work. Let me in (Låt den rätte komma in) is a sort of dark Nordic tale that tells of the friendship between two children in a Swedish city. Oskar, a shy boy subject to school abuse, befriends Eli, a girl whose arrival in the neighborhood coincides with the disappearance and death of several subjects. Although Oskar suspects that Eli is responsible and that she is behind everything, her fear gives way to a beautiful friendship.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

Let us be misled by the premise. Although it is a story starring two children, the story is far from The little Vampire, and it has much more injunctive than you can think. A good example of the type of fantastic story that is spent in Northern Europe.

5. Interview with the vampire

Or the classic Anne Rice made into a movie after several attempts. Although the writer always saw Rutger Hauer as her Lestar the vampire, protagonist of the series of novels by the vampire chronicles on which the film is based, in the end the role went to Tom Cruise (jack reacher, Mission Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow). At his side, as the main co-star, was Brad Pitt (the big bet, Hearts of Steel) in the role of Louis, the narrator of the plot.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

A detail, by the way. Christian Slater He also plays a small but memorable role in this film. This role was originally going to be for River Phoenix, but due to his death, Slater, who was his friend, replaced him. The actor donated the proceeds from him appearing in interview with the vampire to charities bearing the name of the deceased.

6. Open Until Dawn

We were not going to leave out of the list the horror movie, offal and badassism with which Robert Rodriguez (Sin City 2, Machete) Y Quentin Tarantino (The Hateful Eight, pulp fiction) entertained us in the 90s, with George Clooney (Gravity, tomorrowland) Y Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel) as main stars. A road movies with Mexican vampires, full of winks and illustrious moments that are already part of popular culture, and that involved a bloody trip to the Border.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

By the way, although it is not the best vampire movie out there, it is one of the funniest you will find. Proof of his popularity is that he has given to make the series of open until dawnwhich has lasted three seasons no less.

7. Scary Night

Again, we have nothing against remakes. Not even against scary nightwith Colin Farrell (Fantastic beasts and where to find them, True Detective) in the role of antagonist. But we are going to talk to you about the original film, an eighties film that set a trend. The plot revolves around Charley, a boy who has seen too many horror movies and begins to suspect that his neighbor, James, is a vampire responsible for many deaths in the neighborhood. Neither his family nor the police believe him. The only help he will find is that of Peter Vincent, a failed actor who presents horror films.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

8. Craving

A vampire movie, without vampires. Let’s see, yes, the “monsters” of this highly erotic film starring the deceased David Bowie (Inside of the labyrinth), susan sarandon (Thelma and Louise, Zoolander 2) Y Catherine Deneuve (Asterix & Obelix: At Her Majesty’s Service) narrate one of the stories that served, among others, as inspiration for the role-playing game of Vampire: The Masquerade. It offers a different point of view of the vampire myth, about the solitude of the soul of the immortal and how difficult it is for him to find new companions. In addition, it is a tremendously eighties film, released in 1981 and that reflects very well both popular tastes, as well as the aesthetics and music of the moment.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

9. Dracula (1958)

Although many people have in mind Bela Lugosito whom we take off our hats, we keep the dracula of 1958, that of Terence Fisher for the Hammer. And precisely because it is a film in which two acting monsters met as peter cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin of starwarsresurrected by CGI in rogue one) and sir Christopher Lee (Saruman of The Lord of the rings and Count Dooku of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones).

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

This film, a worthy adaptation of Stoker’s book for its time, was also a thorn in the side of Christopher Leewho would not charge for the sequel, Dracula’s brides (1960) by not appearing in it. In the third film (1965), moreover, due to disagreements with the producers, he would not speak a single word, expressing himself only with his body and with gestures. Fortunately, commercial success reconciled both parties and for many years we were able to enjoy many more films from Hammer and Lee.

10. 30 Days of Darkness

And we were not going to leave out of comment the film adaptation of the comic 30 Days of Nighton whose covers he worked Ashley Wood (responsible for the comic metal gear solid). As you well know, the nights in Alaska can last up to a month in the worst of winter. The same thing happens in the town of Barrow. Taking advantage of the thirty days of total night, a group of strangers storm the town, turning it into their personal buffet. Just the sheriff, played by Josh Hartnett (Penny Dreadful), he manages to rally the survivors in a desperate attempt to hold out until the sun rises again.

The best vampire movies - Dracula, Hidden Youth...

By the way, it’s a somewhat gore movie, which not everyone likes because of its wild tone and because it doesn’t quite fit with the premise of the comic. Even so, we already tell you that it is not bad at all.

Bonus Track: Those who were left out

What we do in the shadows, Vampires by John Carpenter, the dance of the vampires, Salem’s Lot, an amazing gang, the last man on earth and its remake I’m legend, Blade, the shadow of the vampire… As you can see, there are lots of very cool vampire movies that we don’t comment on and don’t delve into, due to lack of space and time. But the ways of perceiving and understanding the myth and evil of vampirism are numerous. Hence we can understand that this list knows you little. But don’t worry, we’ll get back to them sooner rather than later.


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