The best vampire movies that are worth watching

The vampiresThey are beings that rule the night, mythical figures that have definitely fascinated humanity; a monster that feeds on blood, the essence that gives life to beings. A being without its own light, therefore, sucks the energy of others to survive. Vampires are a symbolic social construction of social deformations themselves, of those souls that die in life and those beings that are dominated by a death drive, who are condemned, paradoxically, to eternal life. We can understand these shadows of the night as representing an archetype, according to Carl Jung, of the most repressed impulses of immortality, predation and death.

the cinema of vampires has been addressed since terror and was inaugurated by the director George Méliès, who made a story called “Le Manoir du Diable” (“The Devil’s Mansion”), which precedes the “Nosferatu” classic, which brought the story of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” to a silent film. The Dracula film also achieved fame in the 1931 version with the company Universal Studios, which convertedl horror in a cult genre.

The fascination with vampire movies is not the exception of our time; in the last decade we have seen the rebirth of vampire cinema in relation to science fiction.

We leave you this list of 10 vampire movies that address the qualities of these beings from human themes such as love, friendship, politics, sex and death.

Let the Right One In” (2008) , Tomas Alfredson


“Let me in” is a Swedish film that tells the story of Oskar and Elie, two children who become friends, but there is a small problem: she is a vampire. We can consider it an excellent film that oscillates between terror and romance, focused on a situation in which Oskar will look for friendship to overcome fear and she, despite her cold blood, will show her most human side.

“Vampire Hunter D. Bloodlust”(2000), Madhouse

This movie is excellent for those who like Japanese animation. This is an excellent illustration proposal for Yoshitaka Amano, based on the novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The main character, half vampire, half human, is the protagonist of this futuristic story of a world where vampires rule over the night and hunters are fewer and fewer. He, Dampire, is different from the rest and in the plot he is involved in circumstances that exalt the most human side of him.


“Only Lovers Left Alive” (2013), Jim Jarmusch

What if we could live centuries? How would we see the world? This tape takes vampires as a resource to observe the world. Through the protagonists Eve and Adam, a world of desolation can be seen, in which he perceives the social crisis that the world is going through. “How have you been able to live so long and live without understanding it?”; is the question he asks himself. The proposal is inspired by vampires, however it is not a bloody or action movie, but it is in a more reflective tone.

“A girl returns home alone at night” (2014), Ana Lily Amirpour

within the vampire movies contemporary, set in black and white, through a combination of genres and styles, it poses a horror story tinged with blood. An Iranian girl wanders in Bad City looking to feed herself by fighting misogyny, that is, feeding strategically. A film for lovers of western vampires.


“Interview with the Vampire” (1994), Neil Jordan
The story of this classic vampire movie is told at different times; a vampire tells a journalist, from contemporary times, the story of his life since his conversion and 200 years ago. It captures the fight between two beings of the night and their way of assuming having this quality of eternity in solitude, which can lead life to lose meaning and humanity. Being young forever: a privilege that can become a curse. Love, tragedy, action, fire and blood are mixed in this exciting film.


“The Addiction” (1995), Abel Ferrara

Black and white story that addresses the situation of drug addiction. In a New York suburb a young student is attacked by a woman who bites her in the neck, from this event she will feel symptoms related to vampirism such as aversion to daylight. It is a story that raises the figure of the vampire as iconic figures of moral degradation. In a world of darkness, which can exist as a dimension of anyone’s life, this vampire movie is an allegory for the philosophical discussion of life and death.

“Nosferatu, the Vampire” (1922), FW Murnau
This film meant a watershed for its time. Still filmed in black and white, set to music by Hans Erdman, it is the first vampire film in relation to the story of Bram Stoker: Dracula. Silent film that takes place in Transylvania, where a couple stays in the castle of an old Count, who is a vampire. The maiden is afflicted by the strange situation of having marks on her neck.

Murnau’s film was sued by Stoker in relation to copyright, he won the lawsuit and the tapes were ordered to be destroyed, however some remained protected and over time Nosferatu became public and became one of the most important movies about vampires. Due to its style, it is one of the greatest works of German expressionism.


“Vampires in Havana” (1985), Juan Padrón

It is considered one of the best titles of Ibero-American cinema. This animation is a classic of Cuban cinema that demonstrates the use of the resource of vampirism, in relation to a historical and social theme. It shows the conspiracy of two gangs that fight to obtain a potion to resist the sun, which represents the situation of dictatorship that Cuba went through before the revolution. It is a classic of Cuban cinema that sought to convey its values, with a touch of comedy and a lot of Cuban flavor.

“Dance of the Vampires” (1985), Roman Polanski


A comedy that uses the myth of vampires to tell the story of a teacher and his assistant who are set in Transylvania; Different events tell them about the possibility of the presence of vampires. It is a totally absurd, crazy story, which is a satire not only posing ridiculous situations. A film for lovers of comedy, because under a classic Victorian style, costumes and sequences of the dance that allows you to enjoy the decoration.


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