The controversial film by El Santo that was censored for 43 years for its daring scenes

One of the films that has provoked the most controversy in the Mexican cinema was starred by The Saint. The tape caused such controversy that was censored for 43 yearsthis due to its daring scenes that did not go with the familiar image of the popular fighter.

“The Vampire and Sex” in its version without censorship from the 1968 film directed by René Cardona. Of this same, a family version was also filmed that they named “Saint in Dracula’s treasure“, which was released and distributed that same year, while the other was shown in Mexico until 2011.

What is the censored movie “El Santo” about?

The film tells the story of The Sainta retired fighter who is now a scientist and invents a time machine, and Luisa (Noelia Noel), who travels through the years to face a vampire, played by Aldo Monti, an Italian actor who won the Golden Cinema. The version for adults was distributed mainly in Europe.

The family version premiered in 1968. Photo: Special

At that time it was considered an adult film, because it included some scenes with full and partial nudity and transparencies. The fighter reached an agreement with the director Rene Cardona so that this work would not come to light, and only the family version would be distributed in Mexico.

“For Santo, the children’s audience was the most important, since in the same year he would record “Santo contra Capulina”. censored the film: the nude scenes were removed, the color was changed to black and white and the title was changed to Saint in Dracula’s treasure”, they reveal in Indigo Report.

She was censored for 43 years for her daring scenes

In the vault of Guillermo Calderón, creator of the file film and producer of some saint moviesfive reels of the film “The Vampire and Sex” were found, and it was the filmmaker’s granddaughter, Viviana García Bosé, who extracted and restored them at the Film Library of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The film premiered in Mexico 43 years after its filming. Photo: Special

Censored for 43 yearsthe movie could finally be exhibited in the Guadalajara International Film Festivalwhich planned to show the film to the public for the first time in its 26th edition, in March 2011, within the vampire film festival selected by Guillermo del Toro.

However, the premiere was canceled due to copyright conflicts between the producer’s family and El Hijo del Santo, who also wanted to prevent the film from damaging his father’s image. Finally, the work was premiered on July 15, 2011 at the Diana Theater in Guadalajara, and screened again the following month at the Mexico City International Horror Film Festival.


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The controversial film by El Santo that was censored for 43 years for its daring scenes