The incredible connection of the series The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight movie

The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight movie sagas revolve around a world full of vampires, although it was never revealed that there was a connection to their stories, the reality is that there is with their actors.

The Vampire Diaries is a fantasy drama that centers on a teenage girl’s encounter with vampires and other supernatural creatures in the fictional city of Mystic Falls. While Twilight It was an adaptation of a series of books by writer Stephenie Meyer that resulted in five successful films. Although both stories had many similarities, the biggest difference and connection was found in the cast members.

Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries and actress Nikki Reed from Twilight

Like Damon Salvatore’s The Vampire Diaries he was sexy with the human Elena Gilbert and the vampire Katherine Pierce, his counterpart in real life ian somerhalder he ended up marrying another vampire from the Twilight stories. According to Us Weekly, Somerhalder and his former TVD co-star Nina Dobrev they dated for three years, but he ended up getting married with Nikki Reedwho played Rosalie Hale in the movie sagas.

The actor ian somerhalder and the actress Nikki Reed they started dating a year after he broke up with Nina Dobrev. As revealed by the media, they were seen together in July 2014 at a Studio City farmers market and announced openly their relationship at Comic-Con A few weeks later. Six months later, in January 2015, they got engaged and married in April of that year. Three years after the last Twilight movie.

The couple works side by side in their own businesses, such as the eco-jewelry company of Nikki Reed and the Bourbon Whiskey Company of ian somerhalder which he co-founded with his co-star from The Vampire Diariespaul wesley. Although the couple keep their life together relatively private, they often share their love on their Instagram accounts and talk about things that are important to them, like their recent second pregnancy.

ian somerhalder Y Nikki Reed announced on January 9, 2023 that they are expecting their second child. “All I’ve wanted since I was a kid was a big family,” Somerhalder wrote under her Instagram post. Reed also thanked his fans for understanding and respecting his limits on social media, “especially when it comes to kids.” However, he added that “some things are just too good not to share.” Both she and Somerhalder urged fans to be positive and kind, with Somerhalder adding some moving words of solidarity.

“The social space can be weird, but we can also beautify it.”

Compared to some celebrity couples, Nina Dobrev and ian somerhalder broke up relatively peacefully, but not entirely clean. After their breakup in 2013, the couple continued to play on-screen boyfriends for a few more years, which could have made their relationship with her very awkward. Nikki Reed of Twilight. Fortunately, the ex-spouses have always maintained cordiality, at least in public, demonstrating the connections that may exist outside the vampire universe of the series and movies.

The incredible connection of the series The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight movie