The incredible physical change of actor Alex O’Loughlin after finishing Hawaii Five

Alex O’Loughlin continues to be one of the most talked about Hawaii Five-0, who after the end of the drama has not had much media coverage, nor has he stood out in new projects. However, a recent comeback for the star shows him in a shocking new look.

the actor of Hawaii Five-0, Alex O’Loughlin, has been the main face of the show since its launch in 2010, playing Commander Steve McGarrett who leads the Five-0 team. Unfortunately, fans mourned the end of the series at the beginning of 2020, after finishing broadcasting its season 10 on the CBS television network. Since then, fans have not heard anything about the star and his life, something that could be involved with the injury he sustained while filming a scene for the drama. However, he has recently been seen and with a new appearance.

Remember that the actor Alex O’Loughlin, has a great history when it comes to acting. Before becoming Steve McGarrett, O’Loughlin was a vampire private detective in the 2007 series Moonlight. Which brought him great popularity and the opportunity to participate in the reboot of Hawaii Five –0, which premiered in 2010 on CBS.

in the series Hawaii Five-0, the star was not only involved as an actor, but also wrote, directed and produced some of the most exciting episodes of the show. After the finale in 2019, fans heard absolutely nothing from Alex O’Loughlindue to the fact that the star does not have social networks and has remained very quiet about his personal life.

However, after three years since the show ended, a popular hotel in Italy shared a photo of Alex O’Loughlin, after he stayed there for several days. At first, the viewers were excited to see him, but his appearance is totally different, with a very long beard and all gray, as if the years are starting to get to him.

Alex O’ Loughlin appeared refreshed on social media far removed from his role in Hawaii Five-0

The change of appearance of Alex O’ Loughlin that surprises the fans of Hawaii Five-0

Apparently the star of Hawaii Five-0 He is on vacation in Italy, France. It is very rare to be able to see the actor in the streets, which is why the hotel employees themselves could not help but ask him for a photo, at first the fans were surprised by the person next to him, but later it was revealed that she was an employee of the hotel, because on his chest you can see the insignia with his name.

The star’s last interview was in early January 2021 for PacBleu, where he discussed some of what he did during the height of the pandemic lockdowns. Although in the video that was revealed her appearance is not appreciated very well, the viewers noticed that the star looked somewhat tired, so they thought that it would be a product of the injuries she suffered while filming the series CBS.

The incredible physical change of actor Alex O’Loughlin after finishing Hawaii Five-0