The incredible physical change of actress Khandi Alexander after leaving CSI Miami

Actress Khandi Alexander was one of the main stars of the CSI Miami series, although viewers did not see her in the final seasons, she is still very much loved by all. Alexander has been active in acting and her latest project shows quite a transformation.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation“It was a great success for the CBS In the early 2000s, and given the success of other police series airing at the time, it was inevitable that CBS would try to replicate its success and apply the format to something other than Las Vegas, thus kicking off its first spin-off. titled: CSI Miami. In the May 2002 episode “Cross Jurisdictions,” for example, the character of Marg HelgenbergerCatherine Willows pursues a kidnapping case in Miami and meets the head of the agency there, Horatio Caine (david caruso).

The Serie C.YES Miami reaped great success, in an interview given to the Spanish-language newspaper La Voz de Asturias, david caruso He attributed the popularity of the series to the fact that this terrifying new world of crime is set in Miami, which, according to him, caused a hypnotic effect and a lot of glamor. The show ran for 10 seasons and ended in 2012, but the cast members are still fondly remembered.

The actress khandi alexander was in charge of interpreting Dr. Alex Woods in CSI Miami, a coroner who was known for speaking to the corpses she performed autopsies on. Alexander played the role of the medical examiner from the first episode until her departure from her team in the sixth season. Although she continued to appear as a guest for a few episodes until the eighth installment.

After CSI Miamithe best-known role of the actress khandi alexander it was that of the conniving mother Olivia Pope in Scandal. Alexander was grateful to be represented in Shonda Rhimes productions and, in an interview with Studio 360, said that she still finds it amazing to walk down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and see billboards featuring only Viola Davis and Kerry Washington and that they don’t rely on white actors to sell shows like How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal.

“It happened for the first time in my life. For a black girl, it’s not uncommon to see something like this. It’s a big thing. I wish there was a way for people to know how huge this is.”

Khandi Alexander has changed her appearance for her new roles

Khandi Alexander and her big change after leaving CSI Miami

However, in addition to her role in Scandal, khandi alexander The 65-year-old has also played the role of Ambassador Nicole Marsden on the CBS and Paramount + military series “SEAL Team” and has appeared on the FX vampire series “What We Do in the Shadows.”

Thanks above all to your work on CSI Miami, khandi alexander You don’t have to accept every job you’re offered. Instead, she can be more careful about the roles he accepts, and in recent years she has chosen to accept fewer roles than at the height of his career. But even if she doesn’t, already has a lot of experience in television and cinema to be proud of. It may not stay in CSI Miami until the very end, but she was on the show long enough to leave a lasting impression on fans who may now be seeing her for the first time, and those who still remember her as Dr. Alex Woods.

The incredible physical change of actress Khandi Alexander after leaving CSI Miami