The Last of Us | Character guide: the differences between video game and TV series

Pedro Pascal – Photo source: Ansa

The series The Last of Us, inspired by the video game of the same name for PlayStation 3, it is now available with the first episode on NowTv and Sky with Pedro Pascal as the protagonist. We know better the Chilean actor that we have already seen in The Mandalorian and Wonder Woman.

On January 16, 2023 the series The Last of Us officially debuts in Italy on Sky Atlantic and Now. Among the protagonists of the serial project inspired by the successful video game of the same name we find the Chilean actor Pedro Pascal, known for taking part in the series narcos for Netflix, the movie Wonder Woman 1984 and the series The Mandalorian on Disney+.

Waiting to see the first of the nine episodes of the first season, we want to share with you, 10 curiosities that concern Pedro Pascal, between career and private life.

Who is Pedro Pascal?

Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was born in Santiago del Cille on April 2, 1975, and is a Chilean naturalized American actor. His parents are Jose Pedro Balmaceda, a doctor and of Veronica Pascal Ureta, child psychologist, they also gave birth to three other children: Lucas, Javiera and Nico.

He is the nephew of Salvador Allende

In his family, in addition to the presence of two doctors, the name of Pedro’s maternal grandmother stands out, Laura Allende. A surname well known in the world of politics, being the older sister of the politician Salvador Allende. This means that the actor is the nephew of the socialist political leader.

The new life in America

In 1973 Pedro’s family was forced to leave Chile under the leadership of Pinochet, due to the repercussions that hit Salvador Allendeleading them to have to seek political asylum in Denmark.

In fact, Pedro was very young when his parents decided to go to America, initially choosing California and then Texas. Only in 1993, at the age of 20, Pedro Pascal he decided to transfer to New York to Orange County High School of the Arts and the Tisch School of the Arts.

Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones - Source Telefilm Central

Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones – Source Telefilm Central

A special friend

Precisely during the years of study at the Academy of New York, Pedro Pascal meets and becomes friends with the actress Sarah Paulson. Their very strong bond leads them to date and take their first steps in the world of entertainment together.

So much so that at each event or preview, the two used to attend together. Their sincere friendship also managed to bring a great opportunity to Pascal, since thanks to his friend, he was reported to Pascal’s wife David Beniofffor the cult series Game of thrones.

Super workout for Game of Thrones

In the wake of this information, when Pascal was chosen for the series Game of thrones, in the role of the prince Obery, the actor was forced to undergo very intense training.

His character, being a very skilled warrior, in addition to having trained with swords, was joined by a master to study Wushu, a very complex acrobatic martial art.

Die-hard fan of the Indiana Jones saga

Who among us does not have a favorite film or film saga? All (or almost) including Pedro Pascal. According to reports from people very close to the actor, it seems that his passion for cinema reaches its maximum satisfaction, with Indiana Jones.

We’re not talking about a simple affection for movies with Harrison Ford, but to something really extreme. So much so that he broke his arm three times, hoping to emulate some scenes seen in the film.

It was a vampire

Among his first experiences as an actor, Pedro Pascal was hired in 1999 in the TV series Buffy – the Vampire Slayer with Sarah Michelle Geller.

During the fourth season, the Chilean finds himself playing the role of Eddie, a boy very close to Buffy who will find himself – in spite of himself – being kidnapped and transformed into a vampire. Needless to say, the girl was forced to end her life by literally breaking his heart with a wooden stake.

Preview The Last of Us in Los Angeles

Photo source: Ansa – EPA/DAVID SWANSON

The most difficult scene he had to shoot

It can happen to actors and actresses who have had the opportunity to participate in various projects, to have had difficulties. In the specific case, Pedro Pascal seems to have found problems having to shoot with a colleague at the time de Game of thrones.

It seems that Pascal during the first day of filming, was particularly tense about the idea of ​​having to act with Peter Dinklage as Tyron. His terror lay in the idea of ​​not being able to measure up and not be able to stand comparison with him.

The trick is there and you can’t see it

Many viewers started following and being fans of Pedro Pascal, after starring in the hit series The Mandalorian for Disney+. However, not everyone knows that behind the bounty hunter’s armor, a stunt double has been used many times.

This choice was supported by the production, in order not to give up the presence of Pedro Pascal engaged at the same time, also in other projects.

Perfect in the series, less with the video game

The release of the series The Last of Us, expected above all by fans of the video game, already from the first images, it does not seem to have been promoted with flying colors. Or at least, this is what some users have had the opportunity to write on social media. However, what doesn’t seem to have convinced is not so much the plot or the making of the episodes, but Pedro Pascal’s look.

To make it even further from the character of Joel Miller, according to when stated in an interview for GQ, his complete inability to play the video game. In fact, during a stay with his family in Florida, he limited himself to seeing his nephew play to prevent him from resembling the original character too much and making it more personal.

The Last of Us | Character guide: the differences between video game and TV series