The Last of Us, unveiled two new entries in the cast

The cast was joined by the two actors who will play Henry and Sam in the television transposition of the famous video game

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The news continues in the house The Last of Us, the HBO series that brings the adventures of the protagonists of the famous Naughty Dog video game to the small screen. They have recently been announced two new entries in the cast, who will play the characters of Henry and Sam.

The Last of Uswho joins the cast


HBO has released a new photo of The Last of Us

HBO’s next adaptation of the beloved Naughty Dog video game, The Last of Us, has officially chosen the actors who will play the characters of Henry and Sam. The two brothers will have the face of Lamar Johnsonin the role of Major Henry, while Keivonn Woodard will be Sam. The news of the casting comes from IGN, who also made it known that the two characters will have some substantial differences compared to their counterparts in the video game. In the Naughty Dog series, Joel and Ellie meet the two survivors in Pittsburgh and join them to survive the group of hunters who has taken over the city. In addition to the two new entries it was also revealed that Graham Greene and Elaine Miles will play the role of Marlon and Florence, two characters unknown to fans of the video game, because they are two original creations that will debut in the series. The two are described by IGN as a “married couple surviving alone in the post-apocalyptic Wyoming desert.”

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The series The Last of Us promised to be one reinterpretation of the game’s history original from 2013, with some differences. To play Ellie will be Beautiful Ramsey while Joel will have the face of Pedro Pascal. The same actress confirmed that the show will “explore different avenues” from the game, but that it will “honor the original project”. The anticipated TV series will be produced by HBO alongside Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, Word Games and The Mighty Mint. The television transposition will be co-scripted by Neil Druckmann, executive producer and author of the two video games. With him also Craig Mazin, showrunner of Chernobyl. The plot will be the same as the game: twenty years after the start of a pandemic that changed the world, a survivor named Joel is hired to get 14-year-old Ellie out of a quarantine zone from which it is virtually impossible to escape. The mission will quickly become a struggle for survival. However, the series will take place in 2023while the facts of the game are set in 2033. The Last of Us will be released in early 2023.

The Last of Us, unveiled two new entries in the cast