The legend of Sarah Ellen, the ‘vampire woman’ who terrorized Pisco and the mystery behind a tomb that no one dares to open

Was a Wednesday June 9, 1993 and the streets of Pisco were in an uproar and full of people. The topic being discussed was almost unique, and that was perhaps because nothing had impacted as much as that rumor that, as the minutes passed, increased anxiety, fear, and curiosity. The answer was Sarah Ellenthe ‘vampire woman’ in Peru.

A few weeks before, those two names had captured the attention of the whole world and this occurred after the television host, Cristina Saraleguiwill present in his program broadcast in the United States, a specialist in vampires, who narrated that in a cemetery of pisco One of Count Dracula’s women was buried, that is, a vampire woman.

According to the alleged specialist, there had only been three vampire women in the world and one of them was Sarah Ellen. But what was most surprising was the statement he made. He said that he would rise again on June 9, 1993.

How come Sarah Ellen met Count Dracula? The legend is as follows:

Ellen was born in Blackburn, England and, years later, she married John Roberts, who loved her very much. However, a rumor went around the Roberts Ellen family, and according to legend, the British practiced witchcraft, occultism and other spiritual worship. The conservative society of that time was quick to mark her as a sorceress.

This is what Sarah Ellen's grave looked like a few years ago (left), today it looks renovated and with flowers (right).  Photos: RPP
This is what Sarah Ellen’s grave looked like a few years ago (left), today it looks renovated and with flowers (right). Photos: RPP

And it also turns out that on a supposed trip he had to Transylvania, the same Count Dracula he seduced her and ended up making her his lover. In the midst of passion and lust, Sarah Ellen she was bitten by the vampire, automatically making her one of his kind.

These supposed encounters, according to legend, would have occurred very frequently and to avoid suspicion, Dracula visited her as a bat.

This claim was expanded on in Blackburn. People did not tolerate having a spiritualist near her and the authorities decided to put her on trial, where they ended up applying the death penalty.

They did not leave out the detail that she was a female vampire and it is for this reason that when they took her life, they put her in a coffin and before closing the drawer they drove a stake into her heart.

Her death was not easy, not for her and even less for the locals, since before taking her last breaths, she put a curse and vowed to return from the world of the dead after nearly a decade to seek revenge.

The people were terrified of that curse and it did not take many days for them to dig up the body and forbid the permanence of his corpse in the city.

the husband of Sarah Ellen he was unable to face the mob of protesters against his deceased wife. So he decided to bury her in a place where nobody knew her past, nor her history. He took the coffin and sailed out to sea until he reached unknown shores. This place was Peru, more specifically, the port of Pisco, south of Lima.

No one there knew of the existence of the witch. She was buried in an area cemetery. The date of her birth is, according to legend, March 6, 1872 and her death was established on June 9, 1913.

On the tombstone, the widower wrote the following: “In memory of Sarah Ellen, the loving wife of John Roberts of Blackburn, England”

Sarah Ellen's headstone.  (Photo: Capture)
Sarah Ellen’s headstone. (Photo: Capture)

after presenting the story on open television, the curious counted the days so that in a hypothetical case, Sarah Ellen risen from the rubble of death. It was the topic of the moment.

The people of Pisqueños were filled with fear, faith, uncertainty, curiosity, among other sensations, the local and international media went to this port: they all wanted to see live the resurrection of the ‘vampire woman’.

This media pressure reached the offices of the Pisco Prosecutor’s Office. infobae talked with Guillermo Chang Martinezthe former provincial prosecutor of Pisco, who was also in charge of the case of Sarah Ellen.

“A show was even made with podiums. It was quite an event and there was pressure from all sides for the exhumation of the body, from the authorities at that time to international media.”he told this medium.

The requests of the people had a single purpose and that was that the tomb was opened to see the body and record or witness any strange movement during the “resurrection date”. Nevertheless, The prosecutor’s response was not taken in a good way by all the curious.

“The requests and demands were verbal and an exhumation of the corpse must be done under a formal request, that is, the procedure established by Peruvian law must be complied with. That is why I issued a resolution to declare the request made under media pressure inadmissible.”, added the former prosecutor.

This is how they venerate Sarah Ellen in her grave, in Pisco.  Photo: RPP
This is how they venerate Sarah Ellen in her grave, in Pisco. Photo: RPP

“My colleagues and I wondered, on what basis is that tomb going to be opened? There was no reason in fact or law to pay attention to a request that was not even made by the relatives themselves, but by third parties.”held.

People took their precautions and began to carry objects that in a certain way “would defend” of the ‘vampire woman’. The stores carried out a massive sale of crosses, stakes, hammers, crucifixes, among other accessories, more than a possible physical or spiritual attack.

A strong police guard surrounded the tombstone, since faced with the refusal of the Prosecutor’s Office to open the niche, some interested in the event wanted to do it with their own hands.

Tourists, media and other people camped near the place. The hours passed and on June 9, 1993 it continued to advance.

Midday came, afternoon came, night came and nothing. The tomb did not present anything extraordinary. Nothing cracked, the tombstone did not move.

Both the policemen and the spectators woke up, but everything went its way: a normal, ordinary day. On June 10, they left with their heads down, because they had not witnessed any paranormal event.

“The police spent two or three days guarding the tomb so that no one commits the crime of desecration. As the days went by, people forgot that possible event.”, Chang Martinez said.

Sarah Ellen's headstone.  (Photo: Capture)
Sarah Ellen’s headstone. (Photo: Capture)

Until today there is no evidence on the theory that supports that Sarah Ellen is the ‘vampire woman’ and that the legend is true, above all, coming from a character that was created by the Irish writer Bram Stoker, who was based on Vlad the Impaler.

Very little is also unknown about Sarah’s provenance: let alone what happened to her husband and their offspring.

the british newspaper Daily Mail reported that the spouses ellen roberts they were weavers cotton mill in the town of Blackburn and their visit to Peru was to be with Roberts’ brother who ran a cotton mill in Peru. On that trip, Sarah died and, being far from her place of origin, added to the difficulties involved in moving her body to another continent, it was decided to bury her in Pisco.

Sarah Ellen's grave is always graced with flowers.  Photo: RPP
Sarah Ellen’s grave is always graced with flowers. Photo: RPP

This version is reinforced with some records from the Municipality of Pisco where it was found that she had a son named Tomas Roberts Ellen, born on June 3, 1913 and due to a postpartum complication would have been the cause of her fateful death.

According to the version of the prosecutor in charge of the exhumation of Sarah Ellen, when requesting information from the municipality in order to give her final verdict, it was learned that her body arrived in Peru as a corpse.

“Information was requested from the municipality. We saw that she was brought by her husband, but she had arrived dead, it was not known what was the reason for her death. His burial finally took place in Pisco. This was the most transcendental case that occurred in the city.” finished Chang Martínez in statements to Infobae.

Finally, the British newspaper explained that executions for witchcraft in the area where Ellen came from occurred until 1612, therefore, this only remains as one more legend.

“The Blackburn courts could not have sentenced Sarah to death for any offence, even in those days the worst that could have happened to her for practicing witchcraft would have been a prison sentence,” said historian Stephen Smith.

Sarah Ellen.  (Photo: Capture)
Sarah Ellen. (Photo: Capture)

Nowadays the fear and fear that the tomb of Sarah Ellen is history. Many residents of the place affirm that it is a pure soul and that it has performed several miracles.

Sarah Ellen He already has faithful followers and believers, who confirm having received miracles in their lives after fervently requesting them at his grave.

This idea became stronger after the earthquake that shook Pisco in 2007. Ellen’s mausoleum was the only one that remained standing and intact and those that surrounded her collapsed around her.


The legend of Sarah Ellen, the ‘vampire woman’ who terrorized Pisco and the mystery behind a tomb that no one dares to open