The Marseillais: soon the end of the show? We finally have a clear answer thanks to Julien Tanti

In an interview with Puremedia, Jérôme Fouqueray, general manager of W9, returned to the future of reality TV on the channel. He notably indicated that after the success of the Fifty, a new season could see the light of day. “It’s a very good show, created, developed and produced in France with the Banijay teams. We should rejoice. We often complain that there are not enough new things on television. However, Les Cinquante is a truly original creation, in tune with the times and in touch with the aspirations of young people. The fact that this new format is a success with solid linear audiences and a hit on digital is a great source of satisfaction. Records were broken on our 6Play platform and Salto seemed very happy with the program. The footprint on social networks is also historic. Yes, we are thinking about a new season“, he assured.

No new season Marseilles after The Cross

However, bad news for The people of Marseilles, he also announced that a new season was not planned for the moment. “Unlike previous years, we will not launch a new Marseille season after the broadcast of the Cross but a new edition of Apprentis aventuriers, still presented by Laurent Maistret. Filming begins this Monday in the Philippines. For the future, we are working on other great novelties, with Banijay, Studios 89 and other producers.“, explained the leader of chain.

The Marseillais do not stop. This is a very strong brand and a formidable asset of W9, which has contributed to its success for ten years! As for The Princes of Love, we give ourselves the freedom to let the show rest, for maybe come back later, even stronger“, he then tempered.

The Marseillais themselves are fed up with these filmings

According to Shayara TV, this break would in fact be a choice of the brothers themselves. “Do not believe that the decision to take a break from the Marseillais comes from the production (…) Julien, Jessica and Maeva did not want to do the next season. And neither Paga/Giuseppa (…) It’s simple, the Marseillais themselves are fed up with these filmings. I think they’ve come to the end, the concept does not change and it pisses them off“, affirmed the blogger.

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I can tell you it’s not over

Following all this information and rumours, Julien Tanti receives many questions from his fans about the possible cessation of Marseilles. He wanted to make things clear. “Brothers, I’m getting a lot of messages right now about current events on W9. I already really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love messages I receive and all these good vibes. We’ve been sharing all this together for more than 10 years now and I can tell you that it’s not over. This is just the beginning. Anyway thank you very much. I love you“, launched the king of problems.

According to him, no doubt therefore, the fratés will return!

The Marseillais: soon the end of the show? We finally have a clear answer thanks to Julien Tanti