The mistakes of the ‘Twilight’ saga: 10 slips in the movies that you may not have noticed

Although the film saga Twilight is one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the current century, the five films that make up the film series are not perfect.

The tapes, based on the novels by stephenie meyerthey have several errors that even the biggest fan may have missed while focusing on the romance of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

The explanation behind this is due to the way in which all productions are made. Numerous takes and an editing process are used to create the scene that reaches the film.

Sometimes, When the shots are put together, not everything matches. Sometimes, it is something easy to detect in the edition and to solve, but it can also happen that the failure is totally irreparable.

The 10 mistakes in Twilight that you probably didn’t notice

Within the movies of Twilightthere are slips of both types, both those that could be fixed and should not have made it to the big screen, as well as those that probably should have been let go.

For this reason, we present to you 10 errors of the tapes in which perhaps you did not see while you followed the love story of its protagonists, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The microphone reflected in Bella’s truck in Twilight

In Twilightthe first film in the saga released in 2008, Beautiful receives a truck from her dad as a housewarming present in Forks. The young woman decides to drive her for the first day of her classes.

As soon as he first parked at the school, What appears to be a boom microphone is reflected in the driver’s side window, used to record audio in movies.

In fact, as the camera pans away from Bella as she gets out of the truck, the reflection of the microphone also does so until it disappears from view.

Vampires didn’t always shine in the sun

In the first tape, it is discovered that these vampires shine like diamonds before the rays of sunlight after Edward reveals its nature Beautiful. Later, she sees them shine other times.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Nevertheless, there were many times when there was enough sunlight for them to flash and it didn’t happen. For example in new Moonwhen Edward and Bella meet outside of school.

In this scene from the 2009 film, the weather was sunny enough for the hunk to shine at least a little and he didn’t, which is considered a huge mistake within canon.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Bella’s hair after being saved by Edward in Twilight

At the beginning of Twilight, Edward saves Bella from being run over while she was distracted watching him act mysteriously on the other side of the school parking lot.

From the beginning of the scene, the heroine’s hair was loose and out of the hood of her coat.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

However, before the vampire left, suddenly her hair was inside her coat and he remained in this way while all his companions went to see how he was.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

The change in Jacob’s tattoo in new Moon Y Eclipse

In new Moon, Jacob undergoes a radical change after his genes for werewolf will be activated He not only cut her hair and chiseled her body, he also He got a tattoo on his upper arm.

Jacob's tattoo in 'New Moon'

In Eclipsethe third film released in 2010, the mark was on the same arm but several centimeters lower of those that the public could see in the previous tape.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Jacob’s magic shirt on new Moon

again in new Moon, Jacob finally talks to Bella about her transformation into a werewolf. during a walk on the beach and open up about the situation with the Cullens.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

As they walked together Bella’s best friend’s shirt changed colors several times going from being Gray still light brown from one moment to the next throughout the sequence.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Victoria’s eyes after dying in Eclipse

In the third installment, after Edward manages to kill Victory tearing off her head, the remains of the villainess fall to the ground with herHis eyes wide open.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

However, when Beautiful look at his body and head, the woman’s eyes were closed. Within the universe of Twilightthere’s no reason for this, so it’s another bug.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Bella’s supposed call in Breaking Dawn: Part 1

In Breaking Dawn: Part 1the penultimate film released in 2011, Bella and Edward leave their honeymoon early after she unexpectedly became pregnant.

During their return home, while they were waiting at the airport, Bella calls Rosalie for help.. However, all he did was press the button to turn on the screen.

In fact, the lock screen was visible while he allegedly dialed his sister-in-law’s number. It should be noted that this is a very recurring error in movies and series.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Bella’s eyes as they try to revive her in Breaking Dawn: Part 1

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the saga occurs after Bella’s delivery. After seeing her baby and noting that she looked “beautiful”, heThe protagonist lost his life with his eyes open.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Edward and Jacob immediately try to bring her back to life. Inexplicably, her eyes half closed. while both did different maneuvers to revive her.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Renesmee’s hand on Aro in Dawn Part 2

In Dawn Part 2, the last film in the saga, Volturi Ring holds out his hand to Renesmee Cullen to meet her, but she decided to make her power known by putting her hand on one of his cheeks.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

When the scene focuses on Aro, Bella and Edward’s daughter’s hand is below her sideburns, but when they focus on the girl, the hand was higher, above the sideburn.

Because the infant never moved his hand, the only explanation is that it they used different takes to achieve the scene and the error remained that almost all of us notice on the screen.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

Bella’s shoes in the battle of Dawn Part 2

During the possible battle that is presented in the last film, released in 2012, Bella had an inexplicable change of shoes. And it is that, at the beginning, she wore boots with thick heels.

Scenes from 'Twilight'

But when Edward threw it at Ring and she kicked it, she had on flat boots. The possible explanation is that Stewart’s lookalike was wearing flat shoes and the wardrobe error occurred.

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The five films in the saga Twilight are available in Netflix.

The mistakes of the ‘Twilight’ saga: 10 slips in the movies that you may not have noticed