The Morbius movie was slain by critics

On March 31st it was released in Italian cinemas Morbiusfilm on the homonymous vampire of the Marvel Comics comics antagonist of Spider-Man, directed by Daniel Espinoza and interpreted by the actor Jared Leto, who plays the role of another comic book character after the Joker seen in Suicide Squad.

The film is part of the cinematic universe of Spider-Man produced by Sony Pictures, which also includes films dedicated to Venom, ed it was announced way back in 2017. It should have been released in the summer of 2020, but due to the advent of Covid-19 it has been postponed many times.

The continuous protraction of its release is one of the main causes that led the critics to crush it decisively. Among the reviews published, there are in fact several comments that underline how the film is a dated production, as well as uninspired and badly made.

According to data collected by sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritics, two well-known aggregators of reviews, both professional and non-professional, the majority of Morbius is in fact well below sufficient.

At the moment on Rotten Tomatoes Morbius has an average grade of 17 out of 100 out of a total of 132 professional reviews, while on Metacritics the average critic rating, based on 45 reviews, stands at 37 out of 100.

“The vampire played by Jared Leto is perhaps the least useful superhero we’ve ever seen,” writes journalist David Sims on The Atlanticwho criticizes Leto’s acting a lot, underlining how the actor has given life to a boring and “charmless, character who deserves to be quickly forgotten”.

“Clearly shot with a soundtrack (and a scene or two) that it shamelessly imitates Batman Begins, Morbius it presents itself as algorithmically calibrated to enter the blockbuster market as smoothly as possible,” he writes Polygon. “The action is unimaginative, filled with grueling slow-motion pauses. Its violence is toned down and defused, even when talking about vampires. Despite the direction of Daniel Espinosa, who in 2017 had made a surprisingly disturbing film like Life – Don’t cross the line, Morbius it doesn’t convey any real atmosphere. If Instagram had a blockbuster filter, this movie would be using it all the time.”

“This film lacks depth. It is the emblem of a system that places the wonder of the amusement park above a solid narrative», writes Robert Daniels on Los Angeles Timespointing the finger at Hollywood’s long-standing fixation on chasing success at all costs in large productions based on superhero comics.

For variety the film is a disaster mostly because of poor creative supervision. A fact also highlighted by Colliderswho writes: «The central problem of Morbius it’s a lazy and uninspiring script. The characters lack depth and depth. The pun in the title of the review is appreciable IndieWireaccording to which the film “sucks more than just blood”, where “sucks” recalls the sucking of blood by vampires, but above all it means “it sucks”.

The comment of theObserver: «Unless your ticket is free, don’t waste your time. This film is as lifeless as the bodies that Morbius drains and throws on the floor.” While the Gbobe and Mail he adds that “it is charmless, incoherent, ugly and so stupid as to defy any attempt to define it as a guilty pleasure”. Peter Bradshow, finally, on Guardian he rates the film one star out of five, calling it “incredibly pointless and stupid.”

Even in Italy the film was not appreciated by critics. On MyMoviesAndrea Fornasiero underlines how Morbius both “a film that was born very old, it looks like a dark B-series superhero from decades ago, with a bare-bones plot that has little to do with comics”, adding that Espinosa’s direction is very anonymous.

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The Morbius movie was slain by critics