“The Netflix list” · Willyrex’s favorite movies: ‘Day Shift’ and four other comedies to cope with going back to school

Rampant action, full-throttle vampires and delicious political satire go hand in hand in this selection of favorite movies from the popular YouTuber.

We return to what is already the favorite section of many. “The list of…” reviews the top 5 of illustrious figures such as Darío Eme Hache, Rebeca Stones, Agustín51 or Paula Gonu. Trusted Firms. They have already told us in an absolute first their favorite movies to enjoy with a good pack of popcorn and the best company. And now it’s the turn of that great star that some confuse with Brockthe inseparable friend of Ash Ketchum.

Jokes aside of course we are talking about the great Willyrex, one of the most important content creators in history along with Vegetta777 and Rubius. A figure without whom the concept of ‘youtuber’ cannot be understood and who accumulates more than 30 million followers among his channels. Today he has been kind enough to tell us what five Netflix movies he loves. Quality guarantee. There is comedy, there is fun and, above all, a lot of action.

‘Criminals at sea’ (2019)

We start with the tail of this top five. And we do it with a kind of Comedy homage to great novels such as death on the nile —which was also recently adapted by Kenneth Branagh—. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler sign their fifth collaboration with a film full of humor about a marriage that, after 15 years of marriage, is already suffering some erosion.

And what better way to grease the machinery than a weekend on a yacht. One where a strange murder is committed, by the way. A death with a dagger and all the pomp. Lucky Sandler’s a method cop and he’s going to turn this into a personal cause. Little by little, the skein is bundled up to this Cluedo with superstars that invites you to suspect anyone.

doWho is innocent and who is guilty inside this luxurious yacht lost at sea? There are surprises, of course, because the cunning killer has guided all the clues to blame them. “They are the main suspects”, as Willyrex summarizes. With an enviable chemistry, criminals at sea It is that comedy that you always want. a trinket that it will remind you why you are subscribed to Netflix: because you always pay for it.

‘The Babysitter’ (2017) + ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ (2020)

turned into a cult movie by surprise, The Babysitter It is a youthful and unprejudiced proposal where a group of friends are actually a sect that practices demonic worship in the house of the boy who ‘takes care of’ the protagonist. Anything to get a little innocent and… virgin blood. Because, effectively and to top it off, the nanny is the leader. What is the poor boy going to do? Well, survive: if something taught us Home alone is that being a child means not having to give explanations in what you do. You do it because you must.

This brutal nanny directed by McG, the pseudonym under which is hidden by the Michigan director Joseph McGinty Nichol, with a script by Brian Duffield and a sequel already released, has actors such as Judah Lewis (Deliverance Creek) in the leading role, Samara Weaving —yes, Hugo Weaving’s niece, because it is now the turn of a new generation— as the wild lethal nanny, Leslie Bibb, Robbie Amell or the always controversial Bella Thorne.

Liters of blood for a very enjoyable B series that knows how to get into the shoes of the main exponents of the genre and that, in addition, resolves with an ending that will invite you to want to know more. It seems to be the case with Willyrex, who speaks of the second part of him, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, set two years after the original. Don’t you feel like a double pass loaded with hemoglobin?

‘Don’t Look Up’ (2021)

“This movie has to be in the top yes or yes”Willyrex points out. A work that generated controversy, headlines and that is still used today as a model to measure the most surreal (and denial) moments of our day to day. The great screenwriter Adam McKay is back with one of his journalistic allegories, and while there’s no shortage of comedy and satire, this quasi-sci-fi film is also short of reality.

don’t look up is not exempt from a deep and calm reading on the catastrophic reality of an imminent end derived from a huge comet that is heading in direct collision towards our planet. Are we talking about an explosion movie then? Absolutely. The saddest thing is that nobody cares that the end is imminent. Better look the other way. Crazy.

A US president —Orlean, played by a magna Meryl Streep— and her son and chief of staff, Jason (Jonah Hill), dedicate all their efforts to discredit the magnificent scientific committee composed of Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), Astronomy graduate student, and his professor, Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio). as you can read, There is no lack of stars, rhythm, scenes to remember and, in fact, even a post-credits scene that rivals any Marvel universe.. It drove Willyrex crazy and us ditto.

‘Rematch Now’ (2022)

The perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, the perfect life… What happens when that handsome, dashing boyfriend messes you up and leaks a sex tape? That the rumor becomes a wrecking ball for your image. But there is nothing that friendship cannot solve. The almost accidental friendship between Drea, the protagonist (Camila Mendes), and a rather ‘hippie’ exchange student, Eleanor —played by the singer and actress, like her parents, Maya Hawke—, who decide to help each other to put an end to the ‘bullie’

“The typical movie that I put on out of the corner of my eye… I watched it and at the end I put my book aside”. For our dear Willyrex it is very very funny.

Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson with her own script and collaboration by Celeste Ballard, Mendes —the Veronica Lodge of Riverdale— signs here the best role of his career and, together with Hawke, becomes a chameleon that hides until it hunts its predators. Because all those ‘bullies’ deserve a good lesson and they know how to impart it: with a rematch served at the lowest temperature.

‘Day Shift’ (2022)

And we close this list with a wildest proposal where a pool cleaner soon reveals himself as a full-time vampire hunter. Day shift It is a brutal bet by director JJ Perry and screenwriter Tyler Tice, which also has Jamie Foxx —playing Bud Jablonski— in the leading role and figures like Snoop Dogg or Natasha Liu Bordizzo among the main cast. Yes, you will laugh. And knowing that it has been produced by names like Chad Stahelski (John Wick), rhythm is not lacking.

Because killing vampires is just one layer of this fabric where one more murder to any bloodsucker will cause a clash with a powerful vampire. And this she, in search of revenge, will kidnap Bud’s family, who, of course, will have to face danger with electronic rhythm, sarcastic jokes and chases at a thousand per hour. We assure you that you will stay glued to the screen.

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“The Netflix list” · Willyrex’s favorite movies: ‘Day Shift’ and four other comedies to cope with going back to school