The pack of wolves from ‘Twilight’ 10 years after the saga: Seth will surprise you

There is no classic story about vampires without some Wolfman against him. Twilightthe hit film series based on the novels by Stephanie Mayerthe exception is not the rule.

In the film saga of romance and fantasy, the protagonist Beautiful swan she finds herself tied to a pack of werewolves because her best friend and crush, Jacob BlackIt is one of them.

Within the story, the clan is made up of young members of the Quileute tribea community of Amerindians on the reservation of the pushwho turn into wolves in the vampiric presence.

Their mission is to protect their home and the humans from the vampires, with whom they are in a permanent rivalryalthough they are forced to make deals and ally with the Cullens in the plot.

In the film series, the pack of wolves is introduced in new Moon (2009). From that moment on, they maintained a great role until the end of the saga with Dawn Part 2) in 2012.

The change of the pack of wolves Twilight

Since then, ten years have passed in which a lot has changed. For this reason, we will show you below How do the actors who gave life to the lycanthropes of Twilight.

Chaske Spencer-Sam Uley

The actor Chaske Spencer He had been building a career for years when he rose to fame giving life to sam uley, the leader of the wolf pack until Jacob rebels and causes a split.

Nowadays, Spencer is 47 years old and continues to shine in show business. His most recent role was as the protagonist of the miniseries The English (2022) with Emily Blunt.

Tyson Houseman – Quil Ateara

the actor Tyson Houseman made his acting debut playing Quil Atearamember of the pack of wolves and great friend of Jacob. Currently, she is 32 years old and has not acted since 2015.

However, he remains active on Instagram, where he recently shared that he is studying a Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Kiowa Gordon – Embry Call

The interpreter Kiowa Gordon premiered on the big screen embodying the friendly werewolf Embry Call in the saga Twilight. Since then, he has not stopped expanding his trajectory.

To the presentGordon is 32 years old and credits in more than 20 productions for the small and big screen. TV series Dark Winds (2022) is the last project he has worked on.

Alex Meraz – Paul Lahote

The artist Alex Meraz It was recorded in the minds of everyone in the skin of the irascible Paul Lahote, the character that catapulted him to fame after several years in the entertainment industry.

Now, He is 37 years old and has a solid career as an actor and writer. The Serie the walking dead (2021-2022) and the movie The Last Son (2021) are his most recent productions.

Bronson Pelletier – Jared Cameron

The interpreter Bronson Pelletier rose to world stardom impersonating Jared Cameron in the tapes of the saga Twilight. Today, he is 36 years old and has been away from acting since 2015.

After Sunrise, Pelletier starred in some scandals and then disappeared. He has not updated his profiles on social networks since 2016, so it is unknown what he looks like now and what he does.

Julia Jones – Leah Clearwater

The actress Julia Jones stood out in movies Twilight with his interpretation of the cynical Leah Clearwater, Seth’s sister and the first and only werewolf in the history of the Quileute tribe.

Day by day, Jones is 41 years old and has a great acting career behind him. The last roles of her embodied them in the series Rutherford Falls (2021-2022) and Dexter: New Blood (2021-2022).

Booboo Stewart – Seth Clearwater

At around 16 years old, the actor Booboo Stewart rose to fame joining the cast of the saga Twilight like the adorable lycanthrope Seth Clearwater from the movie Eclipse (2010).

Now, Stewart is 28 years old. He is quite the heartthrob and the most successful actor in the wolf pack after Taylor Lautner, with performances in more than 30 productions after Dawn Part 2).

The Serie good trouble (2022) is one of his most recent projects as an actor. Besides, the artist has a musical band and more than two million followers on the Instagram social network.

Tinsel Korey – Emily Young

The actress Tinsel Korey left his mark on the fans of Twilight What Emily Young, Sam’s girlfriend and Leah’s cousin who was not a wolf, but cares for the members of the pack like a mother.

Currently, Korey is 42 years old, still acting and looks very changed with her dyed blonde hair. Her last role was as a dubbing actress in the series shaman king (2021).

Taylor Lautner – Jacob Black

The actor Taylor Lautner He was already known when he got into the skin of Jacob Black in Twilightbut his interpretation of the athletic and likeable born leader of the Quileute catapulted him.

Nowadays, Lautner is 30 years old, still acting and enjoying great popularity with more than 8 million followers on Instagram, although his career fizzled out after Sunrise.

the tapes run the tide (2016) and play at home (2022), as well as the series cuckoo (2014–2018) are some of the 7 projects in which he has been involved after his leading role in the saga Twilight.

The pack of wolves from ‘Twilight’ 10 years after the saga: Seth will surprise you