The Patient, Vampire Academy, Emily In Paris… What are the streaming releases of the week worth?

Are you looking for ideas for series, films or documentaries to discover or catch up on streaming? Here is our selection of the week.

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vampire academy

In a world apart from society live three kinds of vampires. The Moroi, a kind of nobility, divided between royal families and commoners, the Dhampir, half-human, half-vampire whose priesthood demands that they protect the Moroi from the Strigoi, immortal undead who think only of killing. In this universe, Lissa, a Moroi, is the only survivor of her royal line after a terrible car accident in which was also Rose, her best friend Dhampir. An unusual relationship that makes people talk. After this drama, the two companions return to the Saint-Vladimir Academy… Vampires, magic, romance, royalty and class struggle, vampire academy looks like an artificial melting pot of what is supposed to appeal to teenagers and young adults on screens or on paper. Indeed, after a critically acclaimed film in 2014, this series is the second adaptation of the series of books of the same name which had surfed the wave Twilight. It’s hard not to think about it while watching this first season of 10 episodes, just like Vampire Diaries, series which is very similar to him. vampire academy is for fans of the genre. –BM

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The Patient

After being assaulted, Alan Strauss wakes up in the basement of a remote house. This shrink, widower and of Jewish faith, is kidnapped by Sam, one of his patients who considers that the sessions will be more profitable to him if they no longer take place in the practitioner’s office! Sam absolutely wants to heal from the evil that is gnawing at him: a compulsive need to kill. And there is urgency since he has chosen a new victim.

Created by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, The Patient creates a tension without adopting the grammar of the thriller. This (almost) camera is a dive into the psychology of two protagonists who have points in common. If the abductor had problems with an abusive father, a rift grew between the shrink and his son who married a girl from an Orthodox family. His incarceration leads him to an introspection where he wonders about his Jewishness and what he missed with this son. The great initial idea of The Patient never get lost along the way. In the role of shrink, Steve Carell is exceptional. In the skin of the patient, Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley in the saga Harry Potter) is both touching and creepy. -ER


The Witcher: Blood Origin

Bouncing on the success of The Witcher, Netflix offers a four-episode prequel showing the origin of the world of the series and the arrival of the first sorcerer. Despite several flaws, including its brevity, Blood Origin serves as a great Christmas gift and will surely intrigue fans. – K.D.


Emily in Paris – season 3

Prized by the public but unloved by critics, Emily returns for a third installment in Paris and does everything to maintain the status quo. Her increasingly tumultuous personal life will continue to delight her fans, but her detractors may also keep their arguments. – K.D.


Sonic Prime

Sonic ends its year 2022 in style with a series for children. The pitch: the blue hedgehog falls into another dimension after a fight and will have to go from world to world to find his own. A diversified universe that young and “false young people” will appreciate. – K.D.


The Patient, Vampire Academy, Emily In Paris… What are the streaming releases of the week worth?