The perfect soundtrack for Halloween

Like every year, on October 31 we will celebrate Halloween, the most gloomy and terrifying night of the year that has carved out a niche for itself among other traditions such as All Hallows’ Eve, All Souls’ Night or Halloween. Many celebrate it with horror movie marathons, while others prefer to attend one or more of the countless parties that are celebrated in practically any city.

The perfect soundtrack for Halloween 2

However, both cinema and festivals could not be understood without music, and there are countless artists and bands that have become legends of this festivity. Let us recall, for example, Trick-or-Treat (literally “trick or treat”), the classic 1986 horror film that includes in its cast Gene Simmons (KISS) and Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy and Black Sabbath), two artists related to the gloomy that have taken it from the stage to movie screens or even to video games or slot machines that can be found in Bonusfinder Peru along with all your offers.

From the cinema to the dance floor

The relationship between movies, music and Halloween is even more inevitable if we take into account that many of the themes that sound at crazy costume parties are part of the soundtrack of movies based on or related in some way to the world of horror.

The perfect soundtrack for Halloween 3

The perfect soundtrack for Halloween 4

A classic is, of course, Nightmare Before Christmasthe Tim Burton film directed by Henry Selick, which precisely premieres his new movie for this Halloween. Many will laugh out loud at the hybrid between Halloween and Christmas while enjoying musical themes such as “This is Halloween” or “What is it?” and many others will dance them dressed as a skeleton or even Jack and Sally, one of the classic combinations of costumes for couples who do not want to go unnoticed.

And what about The Ghostbusters! Despite not being a horror film as such, this iconic 1984 comedy starring Bill Murray is another of the most popular films, as it perfectly unites the spooky with humor. Its soundtrack will stick in your head for days to come whether you’re enjoying it on screen or at a party with your friends, maybe dressed up as Ghostbusters?

Classics that cannot be missing from any playlist

Of course, there are songs that we will never get bored of listening to on this holiday. Among them are those of the soundtrack of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, that although it has a movie, it is a legendary Broadway musical. In addition, its cast includes Meat Loaf, whose album Bat Out of Hellvery appropriately, remains among the best sellers in history.

The perfect soundtrack for Halloween 5

We also have curiosities like “Pet Sematary” by the Ramones, a song originally written for the movie based on the book by Stephen King of the same title that ended up becoming one of the most famous songs of the pioneers of American punk.

The party comes to an end with two of the most danced songs of the night… “Monster Mash” and “The Adams Family”! Composed by Bobby Pickett and Vic Mizzy, respectively, it is impossible to listen to them without imagining a group of monsters, witches, vampires and ghosts dancing to their rhythm.

The perfect soundtrack for Halloween