The Sadness: the most gory horror film of the year has just been released in cinemas

Did you miss zombie stories? You may be waiting for the latest episodes of The Walkind Dead to come out, or you’re watching Zombieland for the tenth time. To appease your thirst for gore and thrills, this horror film, which was released in theaters this Wednesday, July 6, 2022, should please you.

The Sadness, the ultra gore horror film

Prohibited at least 16 years old, The Sadness is available in dark rooms, but in your place, we would read the synopsis before going there. For a year, the Taiwanese population lived through the vagaries of the pandemic, around a virus with mild symptoms. But one day, the virus mutates and transforms all of its victims into some sort of bloodthirsty, out-of-control monster. Jim and Kate, a young couple camped by Berant Zhu and Regina Lei, will try to reunite in the heart of a city where only chaos and blood reign.

But contrary to appearances, the infected do not turn into zombies as we know them. No shredded skin, no flesh between teeth, the virus acts more like a hyper-potent stimulant, turning eyes black and driving people to do the most terrifying acts that come to mind. There is torture, murders and even rapes. Attention to sensitive souls, The Sadness is a true painting of blood, guts and violence, directed by Rob Jabbaz.

Must-see zombie movies

If you’re a zombie lover and want a little more after The Sadness, here are some horror films which should satisfy you.

  • Last train to Busan

Released in 2016, this Korean film tells the story of a father and his daughter, who take a train to go to the city of Busan. But in the carriages, people infected with a mysterious virus will attack the passengers, in the most violent way possible. Will the train arrive at its destination?

This is the story of a journalist and her cameraman, who follow the interventions of firefighters for a documentary. But when they arrive in a building after an old lady’s distress call, they will find themselves faced with a zombie virus, which would be mixed with a paranormal background.

It’s the perfect zombie movie if you want a laugh. Two completely out of sorts best friends learn that the planet is infected with a virus that is turning the population into the living dead. To survive, Shaun and Ed will have the best hiding place: their favorite bar.

A classic of the genre, this zombie film tells how a virus spread by infected chimpanzees destroyed the world, 28 days after the attack. In a world of fire and blood, Jim, a courier, will wake up from a coma, a bit like Rick in The Walking Dead.

The Sadness: the most gory horror film of the year has just been released in cinemas