The show that was going to have a crossover episode with The Vampire Diaries and was canceled

In an interview, the creator of The Vampire Diaries, Julie Plec, revealed that there was a program from the same television network The CW, which wanted to make a crossover episode with the vampire drama, but ended up rejecting it for this reason.

The Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular dramas on network television The CWhowever, there are other programs from the same television station that surpass it, such as Supernatural. In fact, according to julie plect both series were going to be connected in a special episode that would make the popularity of both increase in an unimaginable way. But, the decision changes led to it not happening.

Why Julie Plec didn’t want to do a crossover between The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

Both horror and fantasy television series tell dramatic stories about paranormal creatures that live, die, and kill among humans. It is not surprising, then, that at some point someone planted the seed of the crossover idea. Among the same programs that usually broadcast The CW.

When The Vampire Diaries was airing its first or second season and Supernatural in its fifth or sixth, the Supernatural team approached TVD to create a joint story. This is what she declared julie plect, co-creator of the vampire drama with screenwriter Kevin Williamson. The funny thing is that she rejected the proposal because of the difference in the stories.

“Kevin and I said ‘definitely not, because we’re vampires and werewolves.’ We don’t have demons. We don’t have hell. We don’t have the devil. We don’t have any of those things! It’s like two completely different supernatural worlds,” Julie Plec said. .

Interestingly, the two series also share several actors that are spread throughout each of their seasons. In fact, Arcadius (played by Wolé Parks), the creator of the realm known as Hell, later appears in The Vampire Diariesbut at the time of the proposal julie plect I didn’t plan to add demons.

Why Julie Plec turned down proposals for a crossover between The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

The interest in a crossover was so great that, in a 2014 interview, Jensen Ackles answered a question about which crossovers he would like to star in. The star, who plays Dean Winchester, replied: “I don’t know. Maybe, given a crossover with the Winchester brothers, we could visit The Vampire Diaries and just destroy them.” But, in 2016, Ackles said everyone had a vested interest in doing so as the vampire drama neared its end, though planning and distance made it impossible.

“It could be a bit of a scheduling conflict, since we’re shooting thousands of miles away,”

However, fans of both shows were always excited to see such a crossover between the network’s most popular shows. The CW. Unfortunately, the decision and the lack of interest of julie plectdid not allow this interesting project to emerge.

The show that was going to have a crossover episode with The Vampire Diaries and was canceled