The top worst films released in 2022

It’s been an exceptionally chaotic year for movies, with some incredibly standout releases. Discover now the most horrible films that have characterized the year 2022.

2022 has been a banner year for cinema, with some of the biggest blockbusters in recent history hitting the big screen. Whether it’s a comedy, a horror film or an action film, these films have failed to live up to expectations and are to be avoided. Fortunately, thanks to online slot machines, you’ll be able to avoid those bad movies and find something better to do! Read on to find out which notorious movies made the list and why you should absolutely avoid them.

365 Days: Tomorrow (2022)

Massimo Torricelli, in addition to being a member of a powerful mafia family from Silicia, is a powerful young boss. Sales manager Laura Biel is successful in her professional life, but a disaster in her personal life. Trying to preserve her couple, Laura goes to Sicily with her boyfriend to break with the monotony of her daily life and try to release her passion. But Massimo will cross her path and kidnap her for 365 days so that she falls in love with him during this period. The film was criticized for its lack of originality, with numerous references to previous films. 365 Days: Tomorrow doesn’t offer new perspectives on familiar themes. With a frustrating and unattractive cast, it’s no surprise this movie made our list.

365 Days: The Year After (2022)

Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ saga finally comes to an end with ‘The Year After’. The third film, still just as hot, features an incredible threesome sex scene between Laura, Massimo and Nacho!

This is another comedy that should be avoided. The movie has no plot, and is just a rehash of the same old jokes. Another criticism of the film is that it is too long. This two-hour film should have been shortened. Many critics called it “one of the worst films of the decade”.

Me Time: Finally alone? (2022)

Good family man Sonny is home all to himself for the first time in years. He doesn’t really want to take advantage of his time. So he decides to accept his best friend Huck’s birthday invitation. A risky decision, because Huck’s parties always consist of extreme activities. Things get worse and Sonny and Huck go from one absurd situation to another. The film has all the necessary ingredients to be a successful absurd farce. However, instead of taking full advantage of its talented performers and easy-going directing, Me Time drowns all of its best elements in a sea of ​​half-formed ideas and unfinished gags, none of which are absolutely coherent.

Blacklight (2022)

Travis Block, a government agent who specializes in taking down unmasked agents, is among the ranks to uncover a murderous plot that reaches the highest levels of power. “Blacklight” is an action movie that offers little excitement. With an IMDB score of 4.5/10, the film was criticized for poor acting, poor sound quality, and lack of originality.

Fire Starter (2022)

For over a decade, Andy and Vicki have been on the run from a mysterious federal agency trying to capture their daughter, Charlie. In fact, the girl had extraordinary telekinetic abilities, which the Agency wanted to use to create weapons of mass destruction. When the agency learns where she lives with her parents, a mysterious agent is sent on a mission to find the family and find Charlie.

“Firestarter” is a horror movie that has scared people for decades. Now the new adaptation is here and it should be avoided at all costs. The film was criticized for its lack of scares, poor acting, and for being an underwhelming adaptation.

Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck Wild (2022)

The opossum brothers, Crash and Eddie, hungry for independence and always looking for thrills, decide to find a home, but soon find themselves trapped under the ice of a huge underground cave inhabited by dinosaurs. Indeed, many critics have said that the film repeats the same jokes too often. This anime film got a low score of 4.2/10 from IMDb and bad reviews.

The Bubble(2022)

The comedy series revolves around a group of actors who find themselves trapped in a pandemic hotel bubble. They try to finish a movie, which leads to dangerous and funny stories.

“The Bubble” is a fiction/drama film that has been criticized for its boring plot. This film has a low score of 4.4/10 from critics on IMDB. With a boring story and uninteresting characters, this sci-fi movie is one to avoid.

The King’s Daughter (2022)

Louis XIV is agitated in the vicinity of Versailles and sends his daughter back to a convent. During this time, they have captured a mermaid who is believed to grant them immortal life. But when his long-hidden illegitimate daughter meets the king, her unwavering will is tested as a bond between magical creatures.

“The King’s Daughter” is a film that has been criticized for not being faithful to the real events that inspired it. The film is based on real events, but critics say it’s not historically accurate enough. “The King’s Daughter” was criticized for its slow pace and lack of action.

Morbius (2022)

Michael Morbius is a brilliant scientist who has suffered from a serious illness since childhood. Not having much time left, he decides to embark on a crazy experiment involving vampire bats.

As a result of his actions, Morbius gains vampire abilities including echolocation, extraordinary strength and speed. Unfortunately, from this moment, he begins to feel an irrepressible urge to consume human blood.

With a low IMDb rating of 4.3/10, this film was criticized for being too long, for its lack of originality and for its bad actors.

Home Team (2022)

After his team’s first Super Bowl victory, football coach Sean Payton (Kevin James) seemed to have all the doors open. But that fame turns to embarrassment when he finds out he’s been involved in a really bad scandal. As a result, the head coach is suspended for one year. Having nothing to do during this time, he decides to visit his son Connor. Connor goes to school in Texas and plays for a football team. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big hit, so Sean offered to guide him and others. His goal is not just to help the team reach new heights of success. He also wants to rebuild his relationship with Connor, who has grown distant in recent years.

This movie tells the same jokes over and over without trying to figure anything out. There aren’t many kids in the local cast. On the other hand, as a sports film and family comedy, “Home Team” is a total failure.


These are a few worst movies of 2022 which you should avoid. From a disappointing remake to a bad sports drama, these films missed the mark. With bad actors, a boring plot, and a lack of originality, these movies are definitely not worth your time. So, if you’re watching what’s new in theaters or streaming on Netflix, be sure to avoid these movies.

The top worst films released in 2022 – Film Review